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Oliver's phones and internet down?


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I called Oliver service, went to voice mail so hung up. Called sales office, went to voice mail so hung up. Called Scot Oliver. He answered but said he was on his personal phone and was eating breakfast. But he did talk. He didn't know the full answer to my question, but knew I had been looking to talk to Richie. And all the parts I received was for the water tank update that I didn't know I was going to get. No note or instructions? He said someone would  get back to me. Later that day there was a message from Marylin saying sorry they missed us and someone would try us tomorrow (today). Anita called and said phones and internet at Oliver was down and would not be fixed until Monday and Scot was out west hunting. Richie called, he didn't know answer to question and would get back to me. If their phone system is down how did they all know I called? And how did they call me back? Guess new technologies still baffles me...?

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I spent a couple of days at the Oliver offices. Left at 5:30 p.m yesterday. They have a voice over internet phone system and they have had serious issues with their internet and phone service. It was off and on during the two days I was there. More off than on yesterday.





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