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Adding a Sway Bar to your pickup


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When I purchased my truck a year ago it did not have an installed rear anti-sway bar but, one was given to me as part of the deal. Driving home and around on back roads for the next couple weeks the truck was uneasy around curves. After I installed the bar kit it drove more like it was on rails. Huge difference. Definitely helps.

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Generally speaking.  Adding a sway bar on the back will add oversteer and keep the truck level with tall loads.  The truck's manners will depend on the weight being carried and how high the load is.  If you have very stiff rear suspension and a light load, the bar will do very little.  They are good on the rear with heavy cabover campers running at near max weight rating.


Adding one to the front can reduce oversteer and will reduce body roll.


It all depends on your weight distribution and gross weight.


Having the right shocks can make a huge difference in stability and road holding over rough surfaces too.  When towing with a bumper type hitch, shocks mean more than sway bars.


What problem are you trying to fix?


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