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TV cable


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can you recommend where to purchase one and what type (brand, length, etc), and also let me know where it attaches to the trailer? Inside or outside?  I’m currently in a campground that offers cable and it’s my first vacation out in my new Ollie. Thanks!


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Hey June, the cable connection should be on the back drivers side corner. There’s a cap that lifts up with the connection underneath. You need to get a coaxial cable for TV. You can get one at Walmart, Home Depot, etc. I got one 25’ long. Sometimes campgrounds will let you borrow one. Doesn’t hurt to ask. The connectors look like this:






After you connect the cable to the outside of the trailer here’s what you need to do next.  If you have the HD TV antenna (looks like a white flying saucer on the top of your trailer) look in the back overhead storage on the left for a small box with a small button and light.  If the light is on, push the button so it goes off.  Now you’re ready for cable.  Turn on the TV and go to the menu to select cable as your source.  Then do a channel scan and you’ll be good to go.



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