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Composting toilets


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I am considering the composting toilet upgrade and very much interested in your advice


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You'll find many posts about the Natures Head composting toilet on the forum. This thread will provide the information you're looking for: http://olivertraveltrailers.com/topic/natures-head-composting-toilet-installation-in-an-oliver-big-thread/


I had one installed at the factory last October. Love it.



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We ordered ours on the Elite II that we picked up in June, 2017. We are glad we did.


Since composting is an organic process requiring certain conditions, you need to carefully follow instructions for using it, and you will probably need to trouble-shoot once in a while. (For instance, we needed to add diatomaceous earth to stop gnats from inhabiting the compost.)


We were new to RVing, and the one thing I was leery of was dealing with sewer hoses and the associated mess and smell. The Nature's Head composting toilet has many advantages over the flush toilet as far as I can tell, such as no sewer smell, less weight (permanently empty black tank), less water use, no time spent visiting dump stations, no handling those stinky slinkies. If two of you pee in the trailer everyday, you will need to empty the pee pot about every three days, but in my view, that beats having to deal with the stinky slinky, etc.

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Have had the natures head in our trailer for two years now.   Pretty easy to deal with.   Change outs are simple and you don't have to do them that often.



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If you'll look very closely at the sliding portion of the window you'll see that if the window is closed there is no way for insects to enter the room.  However, due to manufacturers lack of quality, there is a small gap between the inside surface of the raised glass and the small nylon brush that extends across the bottom of the frame across the top.  This allows small insects to enter the bathroom.

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