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Gas Leak - Pigtail Propane Hose Connectors

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I was testing our quick-connect propane connector with an outdoor stove today. It works great, so glad we had it added to the back of our Oliver.  I left the propane tank values open but shut-off the stove and went in to eat lunch.  When I came back out I thought I smelt gas!  Checked the stove it was still off and no smell around it.  Walked closer to the front of the trailer, there it was again.  Clearly gas and coming from the front propane tank cover.


Opening up the cover, I could see frost over both tanks and the curb side tank was bubbling at the QCC Connection brass crimped fitting.  Not good.  Shut the tank values, not that there was much gas left and took the hose off.  While our Oliver is only a year old the hose looked fine, no cracks or weathering.




Got online and looked up the hose, its a Marshall Excelsior MER425-15 15" RV Pigtail - Female QCC Type 1 Connection X 1/4" Male Inverted Flare.  The 1/4" Male Inverted Flare is the important point if you even need to replace one.  There is a short Camco video that explains the two type of hoses 


In reading reviews, most of these don't last outside for more then two years.  I decided to check the other one with some soapy water and sure enough it was leaking too, only not as much.  Something to add to your yearly check list, as it is now on mine.  Back to ordering two new hoses from amazon.com http://a.co/6zEYFQX and heading to the hardware store for propane.  Better to have happened now, then on the road.



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Foy and Mirna 

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Thanks.  I have it on our list to check ours.  On our last trip I felt like our first tank didn't last as long as it should and thought once that I smelled gas but couldn't find anything.  Could be that I've got an intermittent leak at the same location as yours.


Since they don't seem to last long, it might be a good idea to carry a spare for emergencies.  Minimum, I think everyone should carry a roll of silicone tape for repairs.  I wonder if the steel braided pigtails are a worthwhile upgrade.

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