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Mattress condensation observations


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Hello All.  A few observations some might find interesting about condensation under the mattress I noticed on our twin bed 2018 EII this fall while out ruffed grouse hunting in northern Minnesota.


Observation #1.  Outside temp were in the 50's.  I slept on the street side twin bed, two English setters slept on the other bed.  A window and the roof vent were cracked open.  No heater.  Inside temps in the 60's.  A small fan next to the sink was circulating air all night.  I checked under the mattress in the morning, there was condensation on the fiberglass and the underside of the mattress was wet.  Decided I needed to try something else to reduce the condensation.  This isn't acceptable long term.


Observation #2.  Next night.  Same outside temps, same inside temps, same air circulation, same blankets.  I slept on the curbside twin bed this time (dogs on the other) thinking that side of the camper was better insulated since it doesn't have the outside storage locker under the curb side bed.  No heater again.  A small fan was running all night next to the sink.  Same issues with condensation.  Wet fiberglass and mattress in the morning again.


Observation #3.  Flip forward one week when I went hunting again and outside temps were in the low 30's/high 20's. Slept on the curbside twin bed (dogs on the other) again.  This time I ran the house propane heater and the water heater on electric (I have access to AC power) all night.  A small fan was running all night next to the sink.  No condensation under the mattress for two nights.  The two appliances running in the space under the bed keep the fiberglass warm to the touch and prevented body moisture from condensing on the cool fiberglass.  Success!


Conclusion?  I'll sleep on the curbside twin bed when I'm solo and at least run the electric element on the water heater to keep the under mattress body condensation under control.  What am I going to do when I have company and someone (other than dogs) is sleeping on the other bed?  Or when I lack an electric outlet for utility hookup?  Not sure yet.  Next is to try my corrugated foam backpacking sleeping pad under the mattress.  If that doesn't work, I guess I'll buy one of the many RV/fiberglass boat specific products that go under a mattress to provide air circulation and prevent condensation.


Coming from a hybrid camping trailer with drop down tent ends with constant moisture problems under the mattresses, I guess I was hoping for much less of an issue with condensation in the new camper.  Overall I'm very happy with the Oliver, but disappointed that I still need to deal with potential mattress moisture and mold issues due to condensation.


Hope this helps someone else.



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