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  1. Easily. Even in 90 degree temps I think you could hang meat inside. The issue is the noise from the AC. Kicking in an out during the night isn’t very restful. We shut it off whenever possible. The ability to control humidity is what we enjoy the most.
  2. Here are a couple of field-trails-wanabees that love to travel in our Elite II. They’re English Setters for the non-bird dog audience. We hunt ruffed grouse together.
  3. I use mine all the time. With two dogs, something always needs cleaning or rinsing off outside. Sometimes when the weather is nice and we’re boondocking in a private spot, I’ll take a shower or wash up outside so I don’t have to prep or wipe down the bathroom or dry the shower curtain. I found a suction cup shower head holder on-line. I stick the holder on the outside of the camper so I can have two free hands. Works great. The one improvement I’d like is to add a longer hose. The stock hose is too short. Also wish I could close the basement door once the outside shower is set up. I’
  4. I agree with this. All the other bits and pieces are just nice to have. Everything you might have forgot or didn’t know you wanted can be purchased at Tractor Supply or Walmart just a minute or two drive from your pickup. All you absolutely need is payment and proof of insurance if you paid for the trailer via a secured loan. If you’re paying with cash, I don’t know if proof of insurance is required by law in TN or not.
  5. Yes, A B50 MX would be a good find. I haven’t run across any for sale at a reasonable price, so I scratched the itch with a ‘69 Triumph 250 single. It was sold by Triumph dealers, but is just a rebadged BSA. I bought it more than 25 years ago and it’s been sitting in the back of the garage. This spring when I was stuck home in isolation I brought it to the front and got it road worthy. My intention was to sell it off and roll the money into upgrades for everything else, but it’s been so fun to ride around town I might keep it. It turns head where ever it goes, it’s easy to push around, a
  6. Never owned an Eldorado, but did own a brand new Moto Guzzi V65 for awhile in the 90’s. Bought it from a Honda dealer when they absorbed another Honda dealership that also carried Moto Guzzi. The new Honda dealer just wanted it gone. I heard they had a Guzzi on the floor and went in hoping for a LeMans or an SP. Salesman begged me give them an offer. I didn’t really want a 650, so I offered about 30% of what I thought it was worth, and they took it! Ran that bike for several years before selling it on consignment at the local Moto Guzzi dealer. Made ALL my money back on that one in
  7. My ‘75 Norton Commando 850 Roadster that I’ve owned since 1990 is pictured below. It often pains me to drive the Land Cruiser and tow the Oliver over some of the many great motorcycle riding roads we’ve been on, especially out West. Often makes me want to trade off the Land Cruiser for a pickup so I can bring along one of the bikes. Haven’t been down the Dragon yet, but have put lots of miles on many other nice roads. Current stable. ‘75 Norton Commando, ‘75 Triumph T160 Trident, ‘74 Triumph T150 Trident, ‘69 BSA Rocket III, ‘77 Triumph Bonneville, ‘69 Triumph Trail Trophy 250.
  8. Open the back flow prevention valve, the handle on the wall next to the toilet. Hth. Ken
  9. Dug around tonight and found a set of 2018 printed brochures. Not in there. Must have been on line in 2017 or earlier where I saw the alternate Elite I layout. Ken
  10. I’d need to dig deep, but I remember this too and might even have a brochure. We didn’t start looking at Olivers until 2017. I suspect 2017 was the last year, or maybe 2018, of getting that floor plan on an Elite I. It looked like a nice setup for a single person. I’ve never seen it in person.
  11. Yes! You must be a Scout too. I’m actually typing this from the dinette in our Oliver while parked for a few days in a Scout camp. They called for alumni who were willing to bring a tent or a camper and be self-sufficient to come to camp to help train staff, cut grass, and generally help out before the campers arrive next week. The physical distancing aspect is being taken very seriously. Camp is going to be a different experience for everyone this year. The talk of Lakehead Boat Basin has me thinking that my wife and I should head up for a few days. Did you go or make reservations
  12. Absolutely! We were in the area, so I stopped with my wife to show her where our boys and I had been backpacking. I went once as a youth years ago, and once as an adult with my oldest son a few years back. Youngest son went with his troop. Hope you were able to get out on the trail yourself. The property is quite an asset in many ways for the Scouting program.
  13. I haven’t stayed there in an RV, but used to spend a bunch of time at the property +30 years ago when I was a student at the University of Mn-Duluth. I got to know enough of the guys with sailboats in the marina that I’d be part of race crews, help deliver boats around Lake Superior, and help with boat maintenance. I’ve walked by it several times in the last few years and it looks like they’ve added a hotel and cleaned up most of the boatyard junk. The location is great, but don’t expect much for on site beauty. The view in the distance of the working harbor and Duluth hills will b
  14. Fair at best, even when powered on. I listen to over the air radio at home, work, and in the shop. The camper has the worst reception of all of the antenna/receiver combinations that I use. The shop radio has a coat hanger for an antenna, the radio at work has a piece of welding wire, so that’s not saying much. hth, Ken KE0VTG
  15. None on ours either. Most vinyl is guaranteed for seven years colorfast in full sun. I agree that reds are the first to fade. Any Scout recognize the land feature in the background? Ken
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