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Family members become intrested


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They have followed our journey through fiberglass RVland with intrest. Not as much at first, but increasingly more as time went by.

When we were talking about downsizing from a 34' class A MOHO, it caught their attention. They had been thinking about somekind of a camper, but, not nearly as large as a motorhome.

While we were looking at Casitas and studying their features, their intrest picked up a bit.

Then we found out about Oliver Travel Trailers and suddenly, that was all we could talk about. We knew immediately that the Oliver met our needs, and so, they also, began to learn about Oliver.

In early September they will be traveling to Charleston SC for a ships reunion. The USS George Washington, a SSBN, ( Submarine ).

Their plan is to trace our fiberglass journey, somewhat. They plan to go to Rice Texas to the Casita factory. Then spend a couple of days with us in Arkansas, before going on to Charleston. On the way back home they plan to go by Hohenwald and visit the Oliver factory.

Betty and I plan to put them up in our Ollie while they stay here. We will have everything hooked up out in the Oliver shed so that they can experience everything first hand. Our large carport, it held a 34' moho, won't let the king dome access a satellite, so we will have the portable dish hooked up.

I'll bet that after the tour in Rice, the overnight in our Ollie and the tour in Hohenwald, that they will have enough information to be able to choose the fiberglass Rv that will work best for them.

I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth 08' Oliver Legacy Elite HULL NUMBER 0003(sold)

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How awesome! I know they'll fall in love with the Oliver!



Interesting small world side note - my father served aboard the USS Robert E Lee (SSBN-601) which is in the same class as the Washington (SSBN-598). My father runs the SSBN-601 Reunion group (http://www.ssbn601.com) as well is the CTO of several national sub vet organizations - as my company provides all of the backend database work for the membership and reunion planning systems of those groups. I'm very proud of him, his service, the service of all submariners and veterans.


- Cherie

Submarine Angel of the USS Robert E Lee

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