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I have been lurking for awhile while researching the Oliver products.  Figured it was time to come on board so I could ask questions or harass fellow rvers.


I work on the road constantly for various projects, companies, etc.  Mainly in aerospace both commercial and military programs.  As such - around mid 2013 I started doing this from a motorhome.  Even with rv depreciation this setup made sense and life was easier during my travels.  Recently on 12/31/18 my motorhome caught fire and was a total loss.  I wont mention the brand but it rhymes with Newmar - lol, ahem.  As a result I have been unexpectedly and still reluctantly shopping travel trailers.  This process led me here after I was looking at Bigfoot and Airstream products.


I would like to thank everyone who takes the time to post the information provided on this forum.  An individual can learn a lot reviewing everything here.  I am not sure if my timeframe and situation will allow me to have Oliver as a viable option but we shall see.


Thanks again and happy camping - MoHillbilly

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