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MDL (Slow-blow) Fuses for the Jacks

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Shortly after taking delivery of our 2019 Oliver EL2 the front jack became inoperable.


I checked the three (yellow) fuse holders under the street side twin bed. Of the three, I found a blown fuse in the last one checked (of course). It was the middle one, and not the most forward one as I had assumed.


However, pulling and tugging those fuse holders when opening (and closing) them was frustrating and difficult for my aging hands.


Has anyone considered replacing them with a 3 pole fuse block such as the attached image?


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I don’t like your idea for a couple of reasons. The screw down wire connections are just not very good. They damage the wire strands and loosen over time. Plus getting the glass fuse out of that holder would still be difficult, and you run the risk of breaking it. I personally hate glass fuses. They don’t belong in the 21st Century IMHO.


My suggestion is to replace the MDL fuses with modern Slo Blo Maxi blade fuses.






You could instead go with a big automotive style fuse block, but that would be a much more involved project I think. But it would look very slick!




Here is a tech page for the fuses.




They are more expensive than MDLs but normally they will never ever blow unless there is a problem with the jack. You can’t find slo blo MDLs stocked on any auto parts display, so you might as well go with these, which ARE commonly found at any NAPA, since they are a normal auto fuse for modern cars.


You can safely pull these Maxi fuses from the holder using a small pair of flat nose pliers, but without disconnecting the batteries it is a little risky if you drop them onto an exposed terminal or bus bar! A plastic Maxi fuse puller is a better choice. I don’t know if Amazon carries these..... but your local NAPA could get one for you easily.




If you want to cut the dust covers off that would be fine. If you decide to also change the fourth fuse at the tongue jack (did you know about that one?), keep the cover and also use some silicone electrical grease on the terminals to prevent corrosion.


I hope that helped.


John Davies


Spokane WA

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