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Twitter is a very clever messaging system that is gaining popularity. According to some sources, it is "sweeping the Nation". We had heard it mentioned on various forums that we visit/post on, but had never really looked into it. Yesterday, I got off of the dime, ( now, that is a old saying. The way our economy is going, it may now well be $10. ), went to the web site and joined, it's free, just pick a user name and pass word. When I did a search of my address book for twitter users, I found a couple of our forums members already there !

Twitter can link to your cell phone if you like, ours are. With so many features that come in handy for those that lead active lifestyles, I'll bet there are others on here that use Twitter !

Chris & Cherie have Twitter embedded on their Blog's Home page. Yesterday was a busy day for them. It was a moving day involving Amtrac, Bart, bus, rental truck and a couple of storage facilities !

Take a look at their Twitter posts here:


Look for the Razzberry colored block. You can scroll through the updates by clicking the arrows.

For those on a trip in their Oliver, having Twitter on your cell phone might be a good way to update those back home who are following your travels ! You can post from your cell phone straight to your blog.



How about it oliver forums readers, are you using Twitter ?

I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth 08' Oliver Legacy Elite HULL NUMBER 0003(sold)

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Welcome to Twitter, mountianborn. :)


Twitter is sort of 'blogging 140 characters at a time', and was marketed a the mobile SMS crowd to keep in touch with lots of people with single text message. A lot of folks use it to mark the mundane things that happen during the day.


A lot of the intentional usage of Twitter doesn't appeal much to me, and how we've integrated it into our website is using one of their 'badges' via a HTML link - isn't very typical of most Twitter users. I kinda took existing (free) tools and adapted them for my use.


It allows us to post dynamic content to the website with our current travel status from a variety of things - our iPhones, computer, IM, etc. I usually only post relevant travel updates to reassure our parents. It's pretty cool - and keep them from calling to check in all the time when they haven't heard from us in a day or two (although, sometimes they call to get more details of what we've posted.) :) We actually have both sets of parents tracking our twitter feed via their default iGoogle homepage. It's been fun bringing them kicking and screaming into the 21st century.


- Cherie

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