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FAQ: Common Acronyms and Abbreviations

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Here is a list of acronyms and abbreviations that are often used on the forum. Suggestions for additional terms are welcome, and can be posted in this thread. Popular and relevant suggestions will be added to main list periodically.


4X2 or 2WD – 2 Wheel Drive


4X4 or 4WD – 4 Wheel Drive


5er or Fiver – Fifth wheel trailer, also abbreviated FW


A/C Air Conditioning


AC – Alternating Current


ACE or CE - Army Corps of Engineers, more commonly abbreviated COE; often operate campgrounds near their projects.


A – Amp or Ampere


AGM – Absorbent Glass Mat, referring to a type of batteries many of us use.


Ah – Amp Hours


Al – Aluminum


AS – Airstream


ATF – Automatic Transmission Fluid


ATS – Automatic Transfer Switch, often shortened to TS


Attic - The overhead interior storage area located at the rear of an Oliver


AWG – American Wire Gauge, sometimes abbreviated Ga


Basement - The exterior storage area located at the rear street side of an Oliver


BC – Brake Controller


BLM – Bureau Of Land Management, overseer of public lands and operator of many campgrounds, typically in more remote areas of the country.


BTU – British Thermal Unit


CAT Scale – Certified Automated Truck scales located throughout the US. Many RVers use these scales to weigh their trailers if they don’t have access to another private or public scales.


CCC – Cargo Carrying Capacity (payload capacity), sometimes abbreviated NCC


CG – Camp Ground


COE – Corp of Engineers, also abbreviated ACE or CE; often operate campgrounds near their projects.


CONUS - Contenental United States


CW – Camping World, a chain of RV supply stores


DC – Direct Current


DEF – Diesel Exhaust Fluid


DS – Dump Station


Egg – Fiberglass Trailer


FG – Fiberglass, also abbreviated MFG


FHU – Full Hook Ups, often abbreviated WES, for Water/Electric/Sewer


FT – Full Time


FW – Fifth wheel trailer, also abbreviated 5er or Fiver


Ga - Gauge (wiring), more commonly abbreviated AWG


GAW – Gross Axle Weight


GAWR – Gross Axle Weight Rating


GCVW or GCW – Gross Combined Vehicle Weight


GCWR – Gross Combined Weight Rating


Geezer Pass - Lifetime Senior Pass from the National Park Service. Currently, for age 60 and above, $80.

Free entance to many National Parks and sights, and often camping discounts in the park campgrounds, and some other participating state and national campgrounds.


Gen – Generator


GPM - Gallons per Minute, a measurement of water usage and mountain pass fuel consumption


GTW – Gross Trailer Weight


GTWR – Gross Trailer Weight Rating


GVW – Gross Vehicle Weight


GVWR – Gross Vehicle Weight Rating


HP – Horsepower


ICE - Internal Combustion Engine or a conventional ICE vehicle (as opposed to electric)


Inch WC - Inches of water column, a measurement of gas pressure often used instead of PSI.


LA - Lead acid batteries, typically referring to non-AGM batteries


LE – Legacy Elite, Oliver's single axle trailer


LEII or LE2 – Legacy Elite II, Oliver's tandem axle trailer


LED – Light Emitting Diode


LFP or LiFePo – Lithium Iron Phosphate, an alternative to LA or AGM batteries


LP – Liquid Propane


LT – Light Truck (tires)


MFG - Molded Fiberglass, often shortened to FG


MVU or MVUM - Motor Vehicle Use Map from the USFS; shows which national forest roads are open for dispersed camping


NCC – Net Carrying Capacity (payload capacity), often abbreviated CCC


NPS – National Park Service

Ollie - short for Oliver.  Olly will also be accepted by the judges.


OP – Original Poster, the person who started a topic


OTT – Oliver Travel Trailers


OTTO or Otter – Oliver Travel Trailer Owner


OTTOR – Oliver Travel Trailer Owners Rally


PM - Private Message; a forum function allowing members to send messages privately to each other, without needing email addresses or phone numbers.


PU – Pop Up tent trailer


PSI – Pounds per Square Inch


Romp - A gathering of OTTers


RTV - A silicone sealant of a variety of types


RV – Recreational Vehicle


SOB - Some other brand; in our forum, any type of trailer other than an Oliver.


SP – State Park


Stick Built - A travel trailer constructed from wood and panels, unlike an Oliver and other eggs


Sticky - a) Stick Built trailer; b) On the forum, a topic of some importance, pinned to the top, so that it "sticks around" and doesn't get lost.


TPMS – Tire Pressure Monitoring System


TS – Transfer Switch, also abbreviated ATS


TT – Travel Trailer


TV – Tow Vehicle


TW – Tongue Weight


V – Volts


VA – Volt Amps (Watts)


VIN – Vehicle Identification Number


USFS – US Forest Service


W – Watts


Wally World – WalMart


Wh – Watt Hours


WDH – Weight Distribution Hitch


WES – Water/Electric/Sewer, also abbreviated FHU, for Full Hook Ups

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