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Trying to get an idea of how many 2019 Olivers have been "produced" to date. Looks like #500 is close. My Elite 1 was ordered October 2018 with a pickup date of March 2019, The factory called me mid January and said it was finished and did I want to pick it up. Living in MD with at least 2 more months of winter I declined and said I would pick up on the original date. Ultimately they said my Elite 1 was Hull #431. I noticed on the entry door a sticker that said the unit was winterized 1/11/2019 which would indicate that production was completed early January 2019. I see that HOBO has the last 2018 produced; Elite 2, Hull  #414. So the first 2019 would logical be #415? Just wondering how they assigned possibly 17 completed units prior to the second week in January when #431 was completed? Or did the factory skip some HID's?

2019 Legacy Elite #431;  2019. TV 2019 GMC Canyon Denali, crew cab, 4X4, Long bed, Duramax Diesel.

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Newshoes, I think the hulls are numbered as created, but trailers aren't necessarily completed or delivered in order.

#500 was delivered last month. ( And that was a really big day for everyone!@) I saw something about #537 to be completed soon.

As owner of #12, I'm really excited to see the numbers growing. ?




2008 Ram 1500 4 × 4

2008 Oliver Elite, Hull #12

Florida and Western North Carolina, or wherever the truck goes....

400 watts solar. DC compressor fridge. No inverter. 2 x 105 ah agm batteries .  Life is good.




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Newshoes, We are scheduled to pick up our new Oliver Elite II on August 13th, Hull # 543, We are so ready and excited for the "Big Day", packing the truck and trying to not forget anything.


Harold and Sue


Update, we picked up our new OTT and were surprised to see that the Hull # was 508, we asked about it and the best we all could figure i was told the wrong number or I misunderstood... when we asked about Hull #543 we found out, it is not in production yet.

Sue & Harold


Oliver Elite II Twin bed,  Hull #508, Ram 2500



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