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  1. Nice work, thanks for doing the video and the information !!
  2. Wonderful pictures, so glad you made it home safe in that ice fog weather. Bet you were glad to have found a nice place to store the TT.
  3. Thirddoor, the reason for the flow reducers is so you can adjust the flow, maybe reduce the flow a bit in the main cabin to push more in the bathroom (you may want more warm air in the bathroom), but there is no harm in what you have done. I would check the bathroom vent to make sure you are getting enough air flow in there. Glad it reduced the noise for you it was a good idea!!
  4. Awesome news, you will find it is easy to pull, set up and ENJOY...
  5. Yes I agree, sounds like a power problem (Low Voltage to camper) with the easy start able to get the a/c started but the cord to the camper may be to small (lots of extension cords are only 18 to 16ga wire) to maintain the amp draw, so the voltage goes down. The a/c can have a draw of 12 to 14 amps at 120 volts so a short extension cord (less than 25ft.) and of at least 14ga. wire is required for 15 amps (the longer the extension cord the more the voltage will drop).
  6. Newshoes, We are scheduled to pick up our new Oliver Elite II on August 13th, Hull # 543, We are so ready and excited for the "Big Day", packing the truck and trying to not forget anything. Harold and Sue Update, we picked up our new OTT and were surprised to see that the Hull # was 508, we asked about it and the best we all could figure i was told the wrong number or I misunderstood... when we asked about Hull #543 we found out, it is not in production yet.
  7. Brown outs are the worst for any motor or compressor. It makes them draw more current and heats up the motor winding's it also makes the motors and compressors very hard to start often tripping the overload in the motor (or the circuit breaker but if that happens the a/c will not come on until you reset the breaker). If that happens it will sound like a HUMMM and then click off and in a few minutes another HUMMM. If it does happen just turn off the A/C and let the motor/compressor cool (about 30 to 60 min) then turn it back on (but i would check the incoming power to make sure it is not 10% below what it should be) and it should start up ok. Hope this helps, Harold
  8. Hello Sandyc, and welcome. Here is a link to some custom bedding that some one found and posted in another topic. Hope it helps. Harold https://www.ablifestyles.net/keep-a-bed-waterproof-mattress-cover-for-rvs-campers/
  9. Thank you all for your advice, it is much appreciated.
  10. What suggestions do you have to clean the Ollie after camping under A lot of sap dripping pine trees (or for any sap dripping trees), Do you use different products to clean the fiberglass and the Solar panels? Thanks Harold
  11. ScentFree: Be careful those fuses are rated for 250VAC not the 32V the other fuses are rated for. If you look close at one end of the fuse it should say 32v 1 LOT= Qty 5 Fuse MDL 30A 250V 30A250V Slow-Blow Glass Fuse 30 Amp size 6X30 mm Harold
  12. Congrats to you cmdmom286 on your new accommodations!! My wife and I will be picking up our new Oliver TT in August. We are SO looking forward to traveling. I did find some information on the duragloss products 952: This is Duragloss’ most popular product! Duragloss Aquawax produces a deep, wet gloss on clean paint. On an already waxed finish, Aquawax deepens the reflection, enhances the shine and increases slickness. This is a synthetic sealant spray with the gloss of a wax. And 923: What’s unique about Duragloss Fast Clean & Shine Detail Spray is its ability to bond with the existing paint protection to increase its durability and enhance its gloss. Use it between washes and any time to quickly restore the just-waxed look to your vehicle. Duragloss Fast Clean & Shine Detail Spray is anti-static so it does not attract dust. Use it to quickly clean and shine paint and plastic on cars, boats, RVs, and motorcycles. The synthetic polymer formula bonds with any of Duragloss’ polishes. I want to thank everyone on this Form for their information and opinions. It has helped so much...Thank you all.
  13. Another option would be Coat the unit with Vortex it would give the fiberglass extra durability too... see link below http://www.greatcoatings.com/vortex2a.html
  14. Just a FYI for those that may be traveling with a firearm. I came across this a few years ago "Traveler's Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States". www.gunlawguide.com It gives detailed information for each state. Also you may consider: https://www.usconcealedcarry.com ...Lots of really bad things have happen to really good people just trying to protect themselves.
  15. If jacking the trailer one should put the jack under the spring plate, that attaches the axles to the springs. If done this way no damage would be done to the axles. of course the jack would have to be placed so it would not be hitting any of the " U " bolts. I believe this would be the correct way to change a tire also. Please correct me if i am wrong. Harold
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