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  1. Steve & Ann, we opted not to get the street side awning, we do like to keep the windows open so i installed the small white gutters on all the windows, it only helps with a very light rain (mist) or the dew in the morning.
  2. VBristo & Cameron: Most any heating company could make you one. Just have to fit-check it once made to see if it will hit wires or valves & the fiberglass cover will not rock around. Because i worked for a HVACR company and had installed LOTS of furnaces and AC units, I had experience in fabricating sheet metal fittings. Because of the small size 26ga or 24ga metal is fine.
  3. I made a sheet metal box to fit in the space but not hit or rub on any wires or tubing. It is suspended from the flange so it can not drop down. It is easy to remove and reinstall.
  4. Or you can go to https://www.fiberglassrv.com/forums/f56/window-louver-vents-93317.html But i do not know if the guy is making them still (he is 3D printing them)
  5. You can use Star Brite Instant Black Streak Remover Boat Cleaner, If any lingering marks are left the wax will remove them.
  6. Thanks for the ideas, Townesw & Galway Girl.
  7. I wish the battery testing would have included heat (or desert temps) to see the difference capacities.
  8. What a great idea !! Our television has "unclipped" several times, I will be using your idea soon, Thanks
  9. Hello Moonlight Mike, First congrats on your new travel trailer, I know this is a bit late but I noticed in one of your pictures your TT electrical hookup was laying on the ground. You may want to consider a "Husky Towing 61497 Universal Connector Storage Kit". Cost only about $7.50 It will give you a place to keep your electrical plug out of the water where damage can be a real problem. It is easy to install to. Best of luck to you and hope to see ya on the road some day
  10. HI Dennis1, First off you have 2000 Watts not 2000 amps using the battery and inverter Most space heaters are max of 1500 watts, So if you are connected to shore power of 30 amps, you should be able to run a space heater & or you furnace with no problem. If you are just on battery/solar you will have to be a bit carful on the power drain. I would just run the heater and when that is off it should be ok to run the Microwave. Leave the refrig. on LP. I am sure others will give a better explanation in a short time.
  11. WOW so much fun ahead, Excited for you both.
  12. I was camping a few weeks ago and a Airstream owner came over to say Hi, In the conversation he said his Airstream had a bad dent in one of the panels, this quoted repair for one panel was $6000. I explained my got sideswiped on the 3rd day (yes 3 days after delivery day!!)... my repair was about $450 and MY Oliver bumper took off the cars bumper that hit us and did no damage to the Oliver's bumper (well one small cut that the factory repaired).
  13. I have the MIFI Jetpack also and it works with the cell phone booster. I opted not to get the WiFi booster
  14. I do like my Cell Amplifier, If i have only one bar on my phone it will boost it to 2 bars, most all the time.
  15. Nice work, thanks for doing the video and the information !!
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