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Installing WiFi Booster and/or 4G Cell Phone Booster after purchase

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I have a complete WiFi ranger. It was installed by the factory and removed by service. If anyone wants it let me know before I resort to eBay.



2019 LE2 #529.   Standard Floorplan.

2020 GMC Sierra 2500 Duramax



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I just bought and partially installed the WeBoost Drive XRV. I installed the booster in the attic and used the cigarette lighter port for DC power (that plug was an extra item not included. I ran the wire for the internal antenna through the back of the cabinets on the kitchen side and actually placed the antennae inside the area where the switches are located. I have not gotten the courage up to drill the hole in the top and mount the antennae. For now we will use a 1/4 inch pvc pipe as an antenae pole and run the wire out a window. I will upload a picture of the antennae install after I get up the nerve to cut the hole. Lol.


BTW: The signal does not seem to be interrupted at all by having the inside antennae in that port area and the signal is definitely better when this thing is running. We will be NH this weekend where I know the cell service is spotty. I will report back in how it works there.




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States our Ollie II has been:



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