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  1. The problem with low temps is it also isn't conducive to lower humidity. So if you have semi-cool, moist air, passing over the composting medium, which is even cooler because its heat is conducted away by the basement floor, water vapor will condense and create the mess you described. We've considered a 12v RV tank heater on either the bottom or back of the composting toilet bin for humid/cold climates to help push out some excess moisture when we are boondocking and can't run the dehumidifier in the bathroom.
  2. Note that Oregon goes based on weight rating, not weight. If you have GVWR of 10,000lbs or under you are exempt (some older f350s do meet this). Even when not towing we need them with us as our GVWR is over 11k lbs - but haven't been hassled thus far but the passes have been clean.
  3. If you look at the tech specs for that antenna, it misses the 600 mhz band. I am thinking of a separate antenna for band 71 if we swap the tower to t-mobile. Also you will want your antennas 45 degrees either side of vertical (think X or V instead off a Cross or T) Those flag pole holders may have some issues: wall thickness, diameter of top section, and no clamping to prevent rotation. We used max gain systems with clamps but also looked at DX Engineering. Either way you'll need some level of guying if you get too high off the ground. You could potentially that m
  4. I am in the "don't go if chains are required" camp and we have a fair amount of winter snowfall. Our vehicles have Blizzak/Nokian tires on them - so if those aren't working it's probably not great to be out - and that just means we stay in the lowlands at home sometimes. We carry the autosocks, this model for the ollie and another set for the truck. Reports are they are effective when used for their purpose (snowed in pass) but quickly shred if you are using them in place of a winter tire around town. We haven't been forced to use them, so they have largely been for compliance with WA/OR/I
  5. Wifi passes even without the wifi ranger (we have gigabit at the house and home base, so it is faster to connect directly than via WFR). Also note you probably want a Log Periodic or panel vs a yagi. Yagis don't offer wide frequency coverage that you want - but many of the LPs are advertised as yagis. 600mHz band is key if you ever want to have T-Mobile service. Also for LP/Yagi you need to pay attention to wind loading otherwise the pole will try to weathervane. I am looking at a setback mount to prevent a crosswind from applying rotational force.
  6. They do, but you'd need to run more cable anyhow. Instead of doing a cable run to bring the signal inside, you can also consider just putting a hotspot in an enclosure outside, right next to the antennas, for the lowest loss.
  7. None of the acrylics I have found match the Oliver window sizing. It wouldn't be too difficult to adjust the cutouts either by filling or cutting some more glass, but at that point you really have to hate the stock windows. Thickness from ~1-3 inches are supported, which should cover the gaps in the hull assuming there aren't other problems due to varying distances or motion.
  8. Semi-related- I've been thinking about putting a 12v tank heater pad either on the bottom or if the pressure doesn't work, the side of the composting toilet to help it continue composting while colder, and also to help it desiccate when there is extremely moist air. Also thinking of putting one on the wall near the cold spot, to prevent condensation there.
  9. When we moved here, I told the Mrs. to make sure she washes out the moss behind the ears at least twice a week.
  10. We've lived all over the US/world. PNW is hard to beat. On the west side of the mountains there are hardly any ticks, poisonous snakes, hurricanes, tornados, etc... We may all face some sort of doom in an earthquake or volcanic eruption though. Boating is awesome here, fishing (Salmon, Cod, Halibut, Tuna, etc...)/shrimping/crabbing can be interesting despite the governments' attempts to ruin it. WA/AK have no state income/capital gains tax and fairly low property taxes if that matters. Seattle/Tacoma real estate pricing is insane, and gets more insane by the minute, but there are plenty of
  11. Try to get your hands on the buyer's guide, for 2021 it's here: https://www.fcausfleet.com/content/dam/fca-fleet/na/fleet/en_us/shopping-tools/brochures-literature/docs/buyers-guide/2021/2021_Ram_1500_DT_Buyers-guide.pdf Here are the options listed: Trailer Tow — Four- /seven-pin connector (XFK) • • • • • • • — Class III hitch (bumper; not available with Class IV hitch receiver) (XFJ) • • • — Class IV hitch receiver (included with H1 and H2 Equipment Packages, Tradesman Group, Trailer-Tow Group and Max Tow Package) (XFH)
  12. What I found when towing a car trailer with my Touareg, it towed better than an F150. My guess for the reason is while there is a weight disadvantage, the "arm" from rear wheels to hitch ball was much less. Also IRS with coils is generally tighter than live axle on leafs.
  13. I wouldn't buy a 3/4 ton truck for towing an Oliver. Except that I did. The 3500/F350s SRWs drive the same, cost the same, but have higher payloads. I ended up with a 2500 because of supply issues during COVID. With GM it is less of a tradeoff (GVWRs exceed 10k on the 3/4 tons) so I relented, but for some of the other Diesel 3/4 tons have less payload than some 1/2 ton trucks. If I want gas, I would buy a 2021 F150 Ecoboost with HDPP, tow mirrors, and the 360 assist pack. Yes it will require the Anderson. But balking at paying for that is a little silly given the cost difference betw
  14. https://shopusa.shelly.cloud/shelly-rgbw2-wifi-smart-home-automation-1#220 These look like a great way to automate interior/exterior lights, complete with PWM capabilities for brightness. Though sold as an RGBW controller, it is essentially a 4 channel, 45W/channel controller with support for REST APIs/MQTT. I am going to play with one for control of the bathroom fan speed and light - then maybe try one for some of the exterior/interior lights.
  15. Ferries (50% more when you cross 22' - long bed is a few inches over and they do check/know) - we take them often to Peninsula/Islands, parking at airports (not a thing right now, but the overhang can make it tough to not block the aisle), parallel parking in cities, maneuvering in some campgrounds, etc... The new GMC "short" bed has so much space in it (6'9" vs 6'6" and less carve outs for posts/etc...) that we really don't run out of space. With sheet material (fairly rare these days), I drop tailgate and raise the multipro "step". If I need more room, hooking up the tandem axle cargo
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