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  1. I like the lay flat seats inside. I always thought the idea of having a tent on the back of a crew cab so two people can sleep was redundant. I’ll be interested to know what the payloads on well equipped hybrids are, and what their range is when actually towing.
  2. We got it. It's one less key on the keychain that I regularly need. I do wish it supported some smartphone/smartwatch scheme for unlocking rather than just the code at that price.
  3. If you're willing to detour. Here are the things I've enjoyed on I10/20: Palm Springs - just the lifestyles of the rich and famous and some cool 70s architecture too Joshua Tree NP - interesting NP Quartzsite - great boondocking Picacho Peak (need to be in good shape for this one - definitely read up on the hike) Saguaro NP - different country than the PNW for sure Pima Air + Space Museum Mt Lemmon - drivable Kartchner Caverns - COVID might rule this out Coronado Overlook - great chance to see the border Bisbee, AZ - Copper Mine/Art town Tombstone, AZ - the legend of the movie meets a version of Disneyland where everyone has guns and might be drunk too Hatch. NM - home of the Hatch Chile Truth or Consequences, NM (cool name) - next to Elephant Butte Lake park -- also a cool name interesting view Texas: headwinds and barbecue. Dublin, TX - Old Doc's Soda Shop - used to be where I stopped for Dr Pepper made with cane sugar, they don't make that anymore but still interesting. Ozarks
  4. I haven't used the convenience plug with the generator, I usually have run the generator off the street side. I have used the convenience plug when the pedestal was at the front, curbside of a spot with nice view at the rear of the spot. You could also just carry a longer power cord and achieve the same result. I've rarely run the generator on the trailer though.
  5. In full transparency, I haven't purchased yet as I am still working out the screws into the roof part of the install... The other thing I am thinking is if I install a PWM controller to be able to dial it back as well - whether for noise or just not needing hurricane force winds inside.
  6. Here is etrailer's video on the ventline to try to make an apples to apples comparison: https://youtu.be/QsE2vakSyYo?t=70 In their video the noise difference is apparent compared to the above video with the Maxxfan. I'm definitely going to test the Maxxfan on the bench before I bother installing it.
  7. I am sitting in the dinette area listening to the ventline now, and my original idea of fix it when it breaks or leaks is drifting toward replace it with the Maxxfan dome now. The only downside is the Maxxfan is centrifugal, so it won't run in reverse. I had the idea to reverse the Ventline so it would pull air in the top and push air out the window if open and out the toilet if not, so it would serve as a booster to the composting toilet fan if we need a little extra dehydration there and it's not too humid outside.
  8. So it looks like the folks that make the Maxxair Deluxe in the main area are now making a 6" fan, that should fit in the same opening at the Ventline fan in the bathroom. https://amzn.to/3dpDaeI Here is a video of it running: https://youtu.be/bkh37arD9P0?t=147 Manual: https://www.airxcel.com/docs/default-source/maxxair/11-90056_mxr-maxxfan-dome-iom-09-24-2019.pdf?sfvrsn=64261a6b_2 Looks like the same 6 1/4" opening as the ventline and similar power draw. Thoughts?
  9. With just the laptops now, we've been just using the dinette for work. I have about 7.5" between my laptop and the shade -- so if I got a portable monitor I'd look for something that can be easily setup in the vertical orientation. If MacOS sidecar worked in portrait mode, I'd probably be rocking a 15" Macbook pro and iPad Pro for that setup.
  10. yeah, 7'3 wouldn't overhang much, if at all if you peak/slant the roof. Also on remote work from the Ollie: I ditched the extra monitor as I was tired of finding a place for it when not in use. But I did upgrade to the Surface Laptop 15" which has a 3:2 screen vs the 16:9 screen. Matebooks and MacBooks also have similar aspect ratios. In the office and home, I have two 27" monitors, and while it'd be nice to have the same in the Oliver, the 15" 3:2 screen works well enough that my productivity doesn't suffer anything measurable. If I did add a monitor again, I'd have it replace the TV on some sort of quick detach mount that I could put on the table.
  11. In the real world, I don't care too much because I've probably run the generator more to keep the fuel fresh than to actually power our place. Solar works great - but we are fairly low power users when off the grid. I wouldn't dump a lot of money into a generator unless I plan on boondocking where I need AC often.
  12. 1: Agree 2: Not sure the Truma Combi really gets us that much of a win, other than a little less space. 3. Those look worse than the double pane glass for insulation, but probably better for keeping water out 4. I'm a fan of tidying up the roof, but I still want an AC. For me a minisplit either ductless or ducted checks these boxes. Then ideally a max air (or similar) can be installed without the need for a hood, under solar panels above the roof, forming an attic. So the MaxAir and bathroom fan (which if we are doing all this trouble will be updated to something quieter than my Duramax) will both pull air from the solar panel "attic". The Zamp Obsidian are 7'3" if you take two 100W panels end to end - so just wide enough to make a little overhang and keep rain off of the awnings, windows and roof. over 18 feet, you could fit 10 of those 200W pairs. 2000W of Solar, no more gunk stuck behind the awnings, no more rain sounds on the max air hood, maybe even keep the rain off the windows, no more turbine sounding AC, and the ability to make 10kWh of electricity a day in the PNW.
  13. Congratulations. I would take the extra time you have to build a few different plans. Flexibility is key. We went TN to NY to WA in late September to Early October. IT was hot enough that we used the AC in NY, and the weather was supposed to be good the entire route when we started. When we stopped in WI the forecast looked less good on 94 and for crossing the cascades, and potential dusting in Yellowstone so I had snow tires delivered to Rapid City and we opted to take 90. We camped in Mitchell, SD with what was now a chance of snow on our route between there and Rapid City, SD - it was supposed to be like 3 hours 45 minutes and a short day. We started out to a light rain, but still warmish weather, and suddenly blizzard conditions happened - snow and 40-50mph wind. We pulled off into a KOA and rested after passing a few sites like the one below - there were about a dozen overturned semis . So we changed our plans yet again, and it took us three days longer to get to Yellowstone. So I'd make a plan for each of the corridors -- 40 might be rough in the winter -- or it might be fine, or maybe 70/80 end up being fine. Make sure you know what is open on your route as many parks/sites will close for the season. If you do 10/20 - there are some nice sights to see, but it depends on what interests you, what is the COVID-19 situation, and how circuitous you are willing to be. For planning we used google "my maps" https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/ which let us plot everything that interested us, friends and family, etc... Based on that we had an idea of what we could see on a given route, and if enough stuff was clustered together it might be worth the detour.
  14. I just hope the money is spent on repairs and where its needed, and not on making two medicine into a campground for pull-through 5th wheel parking or more stuff for concessionaires to gouge on.
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