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  1. There is nothing left from the diamondback when I remove the HD from our truck. The center panel connects with 4 clamps, which are easy to take off. It just connects to the factory bed rails that your F-series has too.
  2. We have the Diamondback HD as well -- we did the Crossbin 8 (smaller one) with the two sideboxes. Ours has the black coating. One sidebox has a my water stuff (zero G hose, regulator, filter) so that other stuff doesn't get them dirty. The other sidebox has my POL (grease gun, generator oil, etc... that I don't want on the rest of my stuff. The front box has tools, pop up cones, and some of the small parts for stuff. I still have full length use of the bed, or even room for some of the extended Diesel tanks. I can remove the whole cover in about 15 minutes, by myself if I have
  3. https://apps.apple.com/au/app/invision-community/id1469957435 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.invisioncommunity.app But these just seem to be for the platform's own forum...
  4. There are many Olivers in the PNW. It is a great camper for the NW as it's pretty immune to humidity and moisture - at least structurally. We'll be out on the peninsula a few times this fall/winter.
  5. Water can get there, but if you manage humidity in the Oliver it isn't a problem. I've showered sitting down on the closed toilet and it hasn't been an issue.
  6. 2021 F150 configurator is online: https://shop.ford.com/build/f150/2021/#/config/Config[|Ford|F-150|2021|1|1.|301A.W1E..YZ...XLT.54Y.AWD.998.CCAB.471.RETAIL.627.55A.43B.SS6.]
  7. That’s no good. From my searches of fomoco products, if it doesn’t have the pro trailer backup assist knob, it probably doesn’t have the tow package. Whether it be f150, expedition, or navigator. Rather than relying on dealer descriptions, I just looked at every car’s pictures to verify the options I wanted. Then confirmed with Ford ETIS build sheets. I would see what the 2021 trucks have. Either it will be compelling or the 2019/2020s on lots will be heavily discounted. That or find the HDPP unicorn. Trust car salespeople as far as you can throw them.
  8. It has my interest, but I worry about payload - the HDPP is not available with the Hybrid. Also, generally hybrids don't see much, if any gains from their hybrid powertrain at freeway speeds. Some will do better, but it's usually the low rolling resistance tires and improved aero they add to hybrid models that help. Our Prius Prime would do great in town at 55-65 MPG, but on the freeway it was more in the 40s, especially when the speed limit hits 80. The other downside is the smaller tank on the hybrid F150 (30 vs 36 gallon). Here's my build for a 2021 F150 -- should sticker around
  9. I've had three ecoboost vehicles, and would prefer that over a V8. The f150 with the HDPP (heavy duty payload package) and ecoboost would be my pick for a gas TV. Only downside is the HDPP is rare, and it generally excludes many of the other safety features like blindspot monitoring. For 2021, that's no longer the case, but the 2021s are not available on the used market yet 🙂. Some say turbos are unreliable, but they are generally quieter than a v8. Hidden in my answer: the TV that won't struggle in the mountains has forced induction. We crossed a few 9000+ foot passes in the last few
  10. It would have been an ideal platform for my old circumstance for sure. Smallest thing that looks like it'd tow the LE2 that I've seen.
  11. One of the rooftop tents like a Tepui would be the next best thing in my mind. That or an actual camper on a dually or a toterhome.
  12. I looked at the leaked order guide - actually XLT Mid (301A) can be optioned pretty well: HDPP 360 camera adaptive cruise with lane centering evasive steering assist blind spot with trailer/rear cross traffic wireless carplay/sync 4 auto climate control That just about checks all my boxes. It'd be a custom order of course. The only sad part are the lay flat seats are King Ranch or higher. The had to make many of those safety features into lower trims, since the next Tundra will probably come with it all in base trim.
  13. Yes, especially if for 2021 they let you get all the safety features along with the Heavy Duty Payload Package (which they currently don't due to trim restrictions on HDPP). Not many of the 1/2 trucks have enough payload for 250 lbs of fuel while being able to carry much else.
  14. I had my wires crossed - TransferFlow makes the extended gas tank: https://www.transferflow.com/shop/product/0800116947
  15. One more thing, with the Navigator I ran out of rear axle weight before I ran out of payload. Thread that covers my trip to the scales here.
  16. All great picks. We did the Navigator L for a while and it did a great job - it is the fancy version of the Expedition Max . The L/MAX get a 28 gallon tank and the smaller versions get 23 gallons. The nice thing about an SUV, is your payload is all for payload. With a truck, you have to spend some payload on a cap/tonneau cover first. The only time it didn't feel good is with "M+S rated" all season in a blizzard with high wind. Once I had the actual Blizzak snow tires on, things felt way better. We now pull with a truck as someone _really_ wanted my Navigator. Life has changed for m
  17. TV: folded up the light just projects down on the curb side area. Zamp: it does turn off with the sun - but sometimes the sun is out while we want to sleep. Yay for northern latitudes Stereo: even when it shows time it is a little bright for my taste - but still nice to have the time. USB - We have covers, but also use the ports to charge while sleeping. WiFi/Cell: both have lights when on. Up front switches: Yes, there are also switches in the back - between the kitchen upper cabinet and the curbside bed cabinet, but none of them are lit when we sleep (kitchen/cabinet/rear side lights are
  18. Plenty of places that don't allow gray tank dumping to environment, so to get from gray tank drain to pickup bed bladder is a couple feet of lift. For those spots where I am dragging the oliver up a potholed road, that we want to stay at for maybe two weeks. My camping partner isn't much of a water miser.
  19. TV Led (it turns on when the TV is off), Zamp Panel, Stereo Display/time, USB port LEDs, Microwave Display, WiFi Booster LED, and awning LEDs up front. We used 1 or 2 dimming stickers on each of these. TV got a blackout since it projects straight down on curb side - just had to be careful as the IR receiver for the remote is right next to the bright blue LED.
  20. Yes. I haven't found many pumps that will handle the food bits and hair that inevitably end up in the gray tank, have an RV sewer hose connection on one side and garden hose on the other. I supposed I could use one of those camco garden hose caps. Thus, macerator.
  21. I've thought of using a 12v macerator pump when boondocking along with fresh and gray water bladders. Sometimes we blow through the gray tank capacity mid-week, so it'd be nice to not to have to take the whole trailer to dump - particularly when it's a less than fun access road to haul the Oliver down. Added plus is no one stealing your spot while you are out.
  22. We went with the King layout, but only use a full 4" topper. We probably would be fine with a Queen, but the Full is all we need, easier to move, and fits into the truck bed if we need to sleep there. It lets us switch between day and night mode fairly easily, and the sheets are retained while folding (this photo was taken on laundry day). They also have the 6" version of the mattress, but we feel this is more than adequate on top of the cushions. We got the 6" version of the case to make stuffing it in there easier. This way we can put it in the truck bed, with sheets and even flat blan
  23. Congrats! Off season is our favorite season!
  24. Without going too far away from this thread's topic, we strongly looked at the GM 1500 Diesels. They come with 22 gallon tanks. They also have a smaller filler neck than the 2500/3500 so the truck stop Diesel doesn't fit. So we were then looking at a 6'6" bed 1500 for an aux tank and came to the conclusion that we might as well just get the 2500/3500 then. If transferflow/titan come out with a replacement tank, they would be more appealing.
  25. We test drove, rented, and tried just about everything under the sun. A few observations: Outside newer rams where there is an actual difference in rear suspension (leaf vs coil) there is little difference between 3/4 and 1 ton offerings in ride. Payload with a diesel 3/4 ton (except new GM 2500s) really makes upgrading to 1 ton trucks worth it. Swapping shocks will make even your old F350 ride better than just about any new truck In a year or two Ford will have the 2021 F150 advances on the SD. With a capable vehicle I'd hold out for that before buyin
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