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Any Small Families Out There?

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My wife and I are seriously considering buying an Oliver Elite II. We are new to RVing, we’ve been tent campers but are considering going big time. We’ve done a lot of reading/researching and have fallen in love with Oliver. We do not want some huge trailer with pop out and jetted tubs. We want a high-quality trailer we can use as a base camp for our adventures.


We have three children (six and under) so we understand it will be a tight squeeze for us. We’re planning on getting the twin bed and doing a king bed mod for sleeping. Once the kids get too big for the beds, we’ll move them out into a tent if we need to.


We wanted to reach out and see if there are any other small families out there and what their experience has been. If I’m way off base or am missing something, please let me know.


We did get a tour of a local Elite II (thanks to David in Salt Lake) so we have an understanding of what kind of space we are working with and feel like we can make it work for us.


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