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Long term tank and water line prep


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With this on going virus epidemic we are all concerned about sanitation. I was wondering if you should store your trailer with tank full or empty?  Some of my thoughts...1.  Fill tanks with a bleach solution before storage to prevent germ and bacteria growth.

                   2.  Wondering if empty tank or full tank and lines are more susceptible to germ growth?

                   3.  Are there other advantages to an empty or full condition during storeage?  Seals, rings, washers drying out? 

Rving has been around a long time and I haven't read about this being a problem.  But, with all this time on ones hands, your mind sometimes drifts to the extreme. Stay safe and healthy!

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Personally I would leave everything empty. Algae blooms are hard to remove. When getting ready to winterize I blow everything out, at least twice. Then we put in the antifreeze. Come time to come out of hibernation, we then flush twice, and then sanitize. We also might sanitize again mid season, especially if we might have picked up some "funky" water some place. Have never had seals or washers dry out, as they don't use fiber or leather anymore, usually a composition of nylon and SS combos. 

Before this self imposed "Social Distancing" I was accused  of having to much free time. It is true and terrible now...

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