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Elite I under seat area


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Does anyone have photos of the under seat areas of the Elite I. I don’t have mine yet, but I’m starting to gather components such as solar charge controller, for future installation and would like to see how much space is available under the various seats. 

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I'm  away from my trailer so can't show pics. In my 2015 Elite:

Front dinette, completely filled by furnace.

Rear dinette, that is where our solar charge controller is located, also lots of other electrical fuses, etc.. It's the best place for the controller as it's very close to the batteries, and the main electrical panel.

Street side dining table, battery box fills half the space, the other half has a lot of plumbing. 

Curb side dining table, hot water heater, water pump and associated plumbing, pretty busy area.

This is all from memory, so hopefully accurate. The sales folks at Oliver could give you best details on the newer models and how they are configured.


2015 Oliver Elite, Hull 107

1998 Ford E-250, 5.4 liter

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