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  1. Thanks to all, we really appreciate the warm welcome! It is amazing how time seems to zip by. We currently are trying to figure out which weekend to travel to Hohenwald, TN for the Oliver factory tour. Its about a 7 hour drive for us so completely doable on a long weekend. We did have an opportunity about 2 months ago to visit with an Oliver owner a few miles down the road to check out his Elite II and I must say it exceeded our expectations. Once we get the Oliver and start our next adventure, our focus will be to boondock as much as possible as we head out west. I've been reading up on it and taking notes to be as prepared as I can. So that means of course getting solar, the Natures Head composting toilet, and possibly converting the black tank to a potable water tank. Anyhow, I don't want to ramble on too much so I'll just say once again thanks to everyone and hope to cross paths with as many of you as we can once we hit the road.
  2. Hello all! My wife and I recently put a deposit down on an Oliver Elite I with a future deliver date around May of 2021. I know, that's a long way off, but that will put us much closer to my retirement and will keep the Oliver at 2020 pricing. We currently have a Nucamp Tab 320 which is serving us well but anticipate needing a little more room as we plan on traveling across country from our home in Navarre, FL to visit our son in Seattle, WA. Anyway, thanks to all for the useful information we have gathered thus far from this forum and look forward to new posts. Chris & Merrilee
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