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Victron Battery Monitor "BVM" series inline fuse size and specs

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This is NOT listed in the Victron manual. Quoting a Victron forum page:

T1AL250V . If replacing the fuse doesn't work, get in touch with your distributor and they'll have a troubleshooting protocol for the BMV/shunt PCB/display head.

I'm wondering about your answer, Justin. My 712 came with 100mA fuses, not 1A. The T1AL250 is a 1 amp fuse. Is there something I'm missing? (I came here because I blew one of the 100mA fuses too and needed more info about the fuses.)

@I8DBBQ, The original 100mA fuses should be replaced with a 1A fuse; since the original shipments of those it's been found that the 100mA fuses are prone to voltage drop and other issues over the course of their life, so they should be replaced with the 1A fuse.

I haven't taken my holder apart to see what size the fuse is, but I suspect it is OK since it is brand new. This is what it looks like:


I ordered a five pack to put in my spares kit. BTW I LOVE this device. After my next trip I will post a thread and review.


John Davies

Spokane WA


Edited by John E Davies

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