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Southern Mattress Out of Business?


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Wondering if anyone knows if they have shut their doors?  I have tried calling during regular business hours and no answer to either number and emails get kicked back with an "address not found" message.  I've checked to make sure I typed it correctly. 

At least a few people have commented about how happy they were with their products which is why I tried contacting them.

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The website email address is listed incorrectly. I talked to them last month. The correct email is southernmattress@embarqmail.com

The information below is for the Oliver Twin Sets:

The mattress is 8.5" with a 5" foam base, 2"  memory foam that is laminated to the base foam and 1" foam that is quilted in the topper that is 1/2".

The twin mattresses are $795 for the set of 2 plus 7% sales tax and shipping to Hohenwald is $148.78 for the set.

They need a 3 week lead time for production.

The first time I called they did not answer and I think it might have been a Friday.

We planned to go with them but are planning to upgrade to the ultra fabric. So if we kept the regular cushions the upgrade would be more than buying the KTT and and only paying $299 for the dinette and adding the price of the Southern Mattresses.

I didn't ask pricing for the king set since we are going with the twin floor plan.

Hope this helps.


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