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  1. We are also in Texas near DFW. Currently 6 degrees here and 4” of snow on the ground. More ice and snow expected Wednesday. Rolling blackout for the state. Some in our town have now been 7 hours without electricity. Luckily it’s only been 2 hours for us and we have a fireplace. My sons house is 40 degrees inside. Today was our scheduled pick up day. We postponed on Friday after the forecast here and Hohenwald was for snow and extreme temps. Our new date is next Monday. Weather forecast looks much better next week. Cindy
  2. We live 30 minutes south of FW where the accident happened. 133 vehicles involved and 6 dead. We were scheduled to pick up our OLE2 on Monday, 2/15. However, our low temp here on Sunday is 3 and Monday is -2 which is unheard of in North Central TX. We are also expecting 3-7+ inches of snow between Sunday and Wednesday with the temps below freezing the entire time. Tennessee is also expecting lots of ice and snow so we have delayed our travels by a week. It's disappointing after waiting so long and having everything gathered and ready to go but better to be safe than sorry. Certa
  3. I noticed the park has a golf course... anyone here planning to play? My husband enjoys playing golf and I think he'd like to join a group for a Friday or Saturday game. Will there be any planned activities, pot luck meals, etc. since this is a non-Rally? We pick our trailer up on Monday, 02.15 and are looking forward to meeting other Oliver owners. Looks like a good group of noobies will there. Cindy
  4. We will be picking up on OLE2 on Monday. Can anyone tell me if there is a particular weight rating that the ball should be. The available weight ratings are listed as 6,000/8,000/10,000. We have a Ford F250 4x4 diesel. Would any weight rating work since all are enough for the towing weight or would it be better to go with the higher rated ball? Thanks for your help. Cindy
  5. Susan, We have to decide by Friday whether we want them to de-winterize our trailer Monday morning for pick up. I have been watching the weather. Current forecast is for Monday high 32 & low 23 with 50% chance of snow. Tuesday high 36 & low of 23 with 60% chance of snow. We are only staying in TN those first 2 nights then heading south to Gulf Shores, AL to visit friends. We have a Truma water heater with the freeze protection and standard toilet. I feel like freezing would not be an issue with the heat on. I'm hoping we can have them fill the fresh water tank before we
  6. Won’t be long now! We’re not too far in front of you (02.15.2021) and we’ve been doing the same. I’ve been packing up all of our goodies we’ll be taking along with us yesterday & today. We leave 1 week from today! Cindy
  7. We’re assigned site 60 for our pick up. Looks like a nice area. I’m looking forward to exploring the park. Cindy
  8. The longest reservation available at any Texas State Park or COE park is 14 days which is a decent amount of time and there’s usually another one within a short drive. With the state park pass you get one 1/2 price night during a 2 night or longer stay. If you have the pass for COE parks for 62 or older camping is always 1/2 price. Hope you get things straightened out with your cell service and have time to relax and take it easy a few days. Cindy
  9. Congratulations! We are also from Texas and will be picking up our Ollie II on 2/15. There have been a lot of posts from fellow Texans in the past few months who have either just picked up or just placed orders. We camp a lot in the Texas State Parks and Corp of Engineers Parks and hope to meet other Oliver owners in the future. Looking forward to more posts about how pick up and your stay at DCSP goes. Cindy
  10. Congratulations! Lots to read and learn on the forums. Ask questions, I have found folks here are happy to share their wealth of knowledge. The videos in Oliver University are great to get you familiar with the trailer and components. Your pick up date will be here before you know it as the time will pass quickly while you are researching and buying stuff for your new trailer. We pick up in 10 more days. Cannot wait to get back to camping after being trailer-less for the last 5 months. Cindy
  11. Congratulations! You will be so busy reading, learning, asking questions and buying things to outfit your new trailer that the time will pass quickly. We're coming down the home stretch... pick up is only 10 more days. Cindy
  12. Absolutely! I take tons of photos on our trips and always post them on my personal FB page so I will share a few here and there! Also a great idea for two sets of Texans to meet up in Tennessee for a refreshing beverage and to compare notes on the Oliver. It’s getting real now! Cindy
  13. Maybe we will see you there! We should arrive late afternoon. They told me their restaurant is closed on Sunday. He said there is a Mexican Food place, DQ, pizza or subway. Should be an adventure.
  14. We have reservations at the Commodore for Sunday 2/14 before our Monday pickup. The other recommendations were further east then have to drive back the other way the next day. For one night I think it will be fine.
  15. Love that this thread was resurrected. Enjoyed all the pictures and sightings! Looking forward to adding to it in the coming weeks. 13 days until delivery! We’ve been without a trailer since we sold our 5th wheel in August and sure have missed our camping adventures. Cindy
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