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  1. In the new delivery area they had a couple of rows of items when we picked up. Things like hoses, connections, levelers, solar suitcases, insect screens and more. I think they are planning to add additional items such as the firepit and other camping options. They had a tire pressure monitor system they were testing while we were there but said it wasn't going to work for them. P.S. We also have the Outlander Firepit and absolutely love not having to carry/purchase local firewood, smell like smoke on our clothes or in the trailer and being able to turn off the fire and go in without
  2. Most wineries have small plate items as cheese & meat plates, chips/dips, mini-app type foods. Others have full on menus available. I don't think I've ever been to a winery that didn't have a gift shop area with all types of things available from t-shirts to Christmas ornaments. We've only stayed at one place so far on our way home from picking up our Ollie but it was the Melrose Plantation in Melrose, LA. It was a very nice area and we did a guided tour the next morning. We had reservations this past weekend to take our 9 year old granddaughter to a nearby Alpaca Farm but we've received 5
  3. On our 2021 we ordered the Lithionics batteries (3) with the internal heating system, the bluetooth connection for monitoring. We got the Lithium Pro Pkg (only one offered when we purchased) that has the 3000w inverter. We purchased the soft-start for the air conditioner. We haven't camped off grid except 1 night so far (only picked up 02.22.21) since I still work full time. We are planning a 2 week trip to Utah in September and hope to boondock the majority of the time. It may be overkill for now but upon retirement it will get plenty of use. Cindy
  4. Congratulations on your new Ollie! You started with the best.
  5. Sheri, My suggestion would be to put it on the FB group "Oliver Travel Trailers for Sale" (FREE!) and post as many photos as you can. When we sold our 5th Wheel I listed it on FB Marketplace (FREE!) and Craig's List ($5) with plenty of photos. It sold quickly. The Olivers that have been listed on the FB group above have all sold quickly as well. I know you find it annoying to have to provide pictures, but think of it from the other persons point of view... if you were looking to purchase a nearly new RV and being asked to make a deposit sight unseen you would want to see pictures fro
  6. Welcome from fellow Texans! We're in the DFW area and have only been Ollie owners since 02.22.21. We definitely have plenty of Olivers in Texas for a mini-rally. Glad that you were able to get a wonderful pre-owned unit without having to wait on production. Enjoy your trip! Cindy
  7. That would be awesome! We've paid our deposit and are looking forward to mid-year to 3rd quarter having it available. We need it at home as we cannot get service where we live and use our unlimited data on our phones now.
  8. Welcome from Texas! We're new Oliver owners having picked ours up 2 months ago today. Look forward to seeing your photos on the forum. Cindy
  9. Nancy, I received my signed copy in yesterday's mail. Very nicely done. I look forward to having it in the Ollie when we are out on the weekends. Cindy
  10. Hobo, The Mighty 5 National Parks - Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef & Zion National Parks. We want to do Mesa Verde & Durango/Silverton Railway on the trip up thru Colorado and then do Horseshoe Bend & Antelope Canyon (if reopened) on the way back to Texas. It will be a whirlwind tour but will get some hiking, viewing, biking and boondocking in along the way. Cindy
  11. Welcome! Sounds like you have lots of adventures planned in the near future. Congrats on your Oliver purchase.
  12. Welcome & congratulations! We are new Oliver owners as well. We picked ours up on 02.22 and also downsized - previously towed a 42' 5th wheel with 5 slides - for the same reasons you listed. It is taking a bit of getting used to but we LOVE the trailer! August will be here before you know it 🙂 Cindy
  13. We have also decided to cancel the trip and hope for an actual Oliver Rally next year. Since I'm still working my vacation time is limited and we have decided to do a 2 week trip to the Mighty 5 in Utah from central Texas and do some real boondocking for the first time. Hopefully by 2022 everything will be as close to normal as possible and we can plan on being there and learning lots of stuff from other owners, vendors and the Oliver company. I hope everyone enjoys their trip to Alabama!
  14. Congratulations! Beautiful sunset. Enjoy your travels!
  15. We can't compare as we chose Southern Mattress. We have been very happy with them so far. There is a "hard" side and a "softer" side but both must be one or the other because of the curve. We currently use the "hard" side and have had a very good nights sleep each night. Cindy
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