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  1. We are in Section D. The clerk told me both D & E were normally reserved for the Oliver Rally.
  2. Thank you for posting this. I'm trying to plan our route home to Texas from pick up. This looks like a beautiful place to stop.
  3. Welcome from Texas! Our pick up is mid-February. Hope to meet you at a Rally or Campground in the future.
  4. We joined the forum about 3.5 months ago but have never introduced ourselves. We are Charlie & Cindy from the DFW area of Texas. We took a trip to Hohenwald in August after our 17 day trip to Europe for our 40th anniversary was canceled due to COVID. We are not new to camping. We have had two travel trailers in the past. A 24’ starter trailer for a couple of years and then we upsized to a 42’ fifth wheel which we had planned to retire in and travel the country. We had it 5 years and decided it was way too big to drag across the country. Charlie retired a few mo
  5. Congratulation! Love your graphic! Did you guys design this yourselves or use a service? We want to have our graphic ready to go at pickup as well. Only a couple of months to go. Please post pictures when you get a chance so those of us waiting can live vicariously through you until our turn comes 🙂 Cindy & Charlie
  6. We were told wind sensor and LED lights were the difference. No one mentioned the upgraded awning material...
  7. Gorgeous! Thanks so much for posting these. For those of us who have never boondocked it's hard to imagine what to expect. I thought it was all just dispersed camping but now I see there are real campsites available at some places just no services. This makes me feel better. Although I do look forward to camping out in nature with the great views like you have shown. Cindy & Charlie
  8. We made reservations last Friday. I talked to someone at the park who said as of now there are no Rally discounts available. I paid only the first night deposit and she said if they added the discount I'd just owe less at check in. We are looking forward to our first (non) Rally and meeting other Oliver owners. 89 days to our pick up date. Counting down slowly... Cindy & Charlie
  9. Congrats Bill! We are also soon to be Texas Oliver Owners with a mid-February delivery date for a LE2.
  10. Thanks for asking this question. This is the same discussion we were having earlier today. We are going with the twin beds so costs for us is only $299 so probably worth it. However we are also considering getting our mattresses from Southern Mattress to save around $650 on mattresses. In that case we want no cushions other than side dinette. I messaged our salesman today asking if the cost would still be $299 for the 4 side dinette cushions or are we forced to get all the standard cushions (we don’t want or need) and then have to pay to have all those recovered at a price of $
  11. This is a very helpful thread for those of us awaiting delivery. Lots of great ideas.
  12. The website email address is listed incorrectly. I talked to them last month. The correct email is southernmattress@embarqmail.com The information below is for the Oliver Twin Sets: The mattress is 8.5" with a 5" foam base, 2" memory foam that is laminated to the base foam and 1" foam that is quilted in the topper that is 1/2". The twin mattresses are $795 for the set of 2 plus 7% sales tax and shipping to Hohenwald is $148.78 for the set. They need a 3 week lead time for production. The first time I called they did not answer and I think it might have been a Friday.
  13. Here are some in-production pictures I took mid August during our tour. It might give you some idea of the hidden wires that are between the inner and outer shells before they are put together. We were very impressed with the quality.
  14. We just ordered a Leer topper on Monday and were told that it would be 5-6 weeks for delivery. We are downsizing from a 5th wheel and definitely needed the extra secure space in the truck for other items. If only our Ollie could be delivered in 5-6 weeks! Anticipation is half the fun though...
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