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  1. We ended up using the manual low fan speed and it definitely helped. Also adjusting the temp up a degree or so from where it was set seemed to make a difference as well.
  2. I found this tiny drainer that fits perfectly in the sink. I got it at TJ Maxx. I do dishes with it in the sink and rinse and dry in place. It travels there under the cutting board as well.
  3. We went with the Rad E-Bikes. We picked the RadMini for my husband and the RadMini Step-Thru for myself. The bikes have the fat tires for off road or sand plus they fold. We carry them in our truck bed under a Leer Topper with only the handles folded down. When not camping we tend to buzz around in our Jeep and both will fit in the back with the seat folded down. They are mid-priced, not the cheapest bike offered and certainly not even close to the most expensive. They work great for us. They are a little heavier than some of the more expensive brands so we team lift to load them. My husband can load them by himself but it's easier with two people lifting them into the back of a 4WD truck. radpowerbikes.com Cindy RV travels with plenty of room for our Blackstone Adventure Grill, Aluminum Table, Gas Firepit, Outdoor rug, 2 chairs, storage box with helmets, life vests for kayaks and more photos of Jeep travel.
  4. Our microwave plate has ridden in the microwave since day one. Never an issue. We had a 5th wheel for 5 years before this and never removed the glass plate from it either. The cutting board rides on the sink. It is cut to fit and does not move. We don't have an inside trash container so can't answer that one. We use a small bag and throw out before leaving. We have a collapsible one for outside that we sometimes use. Our Vornado sits in the bottom of the closet along with our fan & dehumidifier. The only things so far that have ever been out of place when stopping our the dinette back cushions. We try to remember to turn them against the outside wall which is a tighter fit and most of the time they are still in place. The toilet brush and holder usually turns over in route. I might try the double sided tape. We also use clear plastic bins in the top cabinets and pantry to keep things from sliding around. Cindy
  5. Outdoors we have used the Thermacell and it has been fantastic. It protects a barrier of 15 or 20 feet (depending on model) around the device. We sit it on a table between us and have yet to be bitten. I haven't read if it is ok for indoor use but you might check. Sam's has them for a good price and I think Amazon and probably most big box store will carry them. Cindy
  6. What year model is your Oliver. We have a 2021. We connect through the Furion. On the front push the second button labeled "aux" multiple times until the readout says "optical" then the sound will play through your speaker system. Cindy
  7. Welcome Dave & Kimberly! Congratulations! We are new Oliver owners as of February after downsizing from a 42' 5th wheel with 5 slides... quite a bit of difference but we are loving our Ollie and how easy it is to pull and we can fit most anywhere now! Cindy
  8. If you’re wife will have transportation there are some neat places to visit in and near Waco. The Silos (Fixer Upper fame) magnolia.com Homestead Heritage is a really cool self supported community who farm and make everything they need. They have a craft village and tours and she could probably spend an entire day there visiting, shopping, learning and eating. homestead heritage.com Waco Mammoth National Monument Waco Suspension Bridge Texas Rangers Museum (law enforcement not baseball) Dr Pepper Museum Spice Village Those are a few ideas to get her out of the RV and into some air conditioned spots to see and do some things while you are at your convention. Maybe she can drop you off, go out and explore then pick you up at the end of the day. Health Camp is a fun burger place to eat as well. We’re just an hour from Waco so have visited many times. Enjoy your trip! Cindy
  9. Welcome and congratulations on your new Oliver. We’re new to Oliver as of February pick up but not new to camping. The smaller Oliver has opened lots of new opportunities of travel that we could never get to in our 42’ 5th wheel. Wishing you lots of happy adventures in the coming years! Cindy
  10. We are also in the Texas heat. We turn ours on propane until it is completely cooled and then load up from our residential refrigerator so everything is already cooled. We run on propane while driving and then once at the destination will connect to shore power if available. Cindy
  11. Wow! So much for proofing 🙂
  12. Could you advise where you purchased your denser foam cushions. We were just saying on our last trip that in the future we would prefer denser foam so we didn't sink down so far in the cushions. Thanks, Cindy
  13. We have the front and back quick connects. We have a propane fire pit and a blackstone grill. We also purchased a 20' hose in addition to the 10' hose that came with our firepit which allows us to set up further from the trailer if wanted/needed. We use both ports most every trip. Cindy
  14. Congratulations! We are also new owners as of Feb '21 hull #743. You will love your new Ollie! Wishing you many years of adventuring. Cindy
  15. Glad you got it figured out! I've got another 25 minutes of work and we'll be headed out for the weekend at a state park about 2 hours away. We'll also be connecting the Blackstone and be enjoying some good food! Cindy
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