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  1. I actually had to sign on to my log in to find the new date. It wasn't in the email. Once you log in to your account page from the link in the email, scroll down about half way the new date is listed there.
  2. There is a specific company they use I think it's Cowboy something. There is a guy from Washington/Oregon that purchased right before us that had his delivered and was very happy with the service. Maybe he will see your post.
  3. I totally agree! I was amazed at the packaging process. He told me he couldn't find the size boxes he needs so he cuts down other boxes to fit perfectly and the backing materials as well. It felt just like Christmas when my boxes arrived earlier this year.
  4. I just got an email last night that my mid to late 2021 delivery is delayed until March 22 because of silicone shortage delaying satellite launches... I've been on the waiting list for almost 9mo now. Maybe someday we'll be able to have a working internet where we live.
  5. We had Hughes Net at one time but it constantly buffered. We ended up canceling it and just use our cell service. We are signed up about 6 months now and still waiting on Mid-Late 2021... šŸ˜ž
  6. Exciting! We also carry the original in our Ollie and read a devotional each trip, instead of daily, to extend the life of the book. We have really enjoyed it. Would love to have the second one when you receive copies.
  7. Last year was a once in a lifetime event for most of Texas. We lived without power and water for 3 days at zero degrees. It rarely gets below freezing in North Central Texas (DFW area) and we might have a day or two with some ice accumulation if everything lines up just right. We camp year round. State parks for the most part are booked for weekends with more availability during the weeks and the colder months. Another option is COE parks and there are a lot of them in TX although some close for the winter months. Most are built around lakes. If you have the America the Beautiful pass camping is 1/2 price for seniors. Also Texas State Parks has an annual pass which gives you 1/2 off your second night's stay and covers your per person entry fee. Almost all of the parks have hiking and or biking trails. And there are many "resort" type campgrounds if you need all the amenities and don't mind paying for them.
  8. Always fun to camp with friends! We camped last weekend with 3 other couples we've camped with for years. Hubby set up before I got off work and by the time I got there 3 people had stopped by to ask about the Oliver and 2 wanted a tour!
  9. Thanks for the information. We have the lithium but not fully understanding how it all works yet. We have used it to run the AC a few times and other electrical stuff while dry camping.
  10. Congratulations on your new-to-you Oliver. You will enjoy upgrading it the way you want it and will love camping in it!
  11. Congrats from another fellow Texan up near DFW. You will love your new Oliver! Maybe we'll see you on the road sometime.
  12. Luckily we still have good weather in TX and hopefully will camp year round. Last year was a fluke with the crazy ice/snow storm and zero degree temps. Prior years we've camped every month of the year without issue. We may have to blow out the lines and dry camp but we'll be camping! Cindy
  13. We have the cell phone booster and it helps out when there is little signal to be had. We normally eat at the dining table and find it comfortable. When we went on a 17 night trip last month friends flew to meet us in UT for the week and stayed in a cabin. We did breakfast in our trailer each morning before heading out to the parks. We let them have the table and we sat on the bed and used the nightstand. To me the lagun table would be a lot of putting up and taking down and taking up storage space in the closet. For others it might be the perfect answer. Cindy
  14. Congratulations! That time will pass quicker than you think. We had an 8 month pick up time but someone cancelled and we were able to move up to 5 months. You have time to read the forums and look through all the videos and owner's information. Ask lots of questions here and on the FB groups. Oliver owners are a great group of people and are happy to share information with new owners and potential owners. Cindy
  15. Mike & Carol, I believe I saw a photo my cousin posted on FB of your trailer at Table Rock State Park in the last couple of weeks. She was so excited to see an Oliver in person. I told her to ask for a tour as I was sure that you would be glad to show it off. I think she said they were next to you, they were tent camping and had a boat. Hope you have/had a great trip! Cindy
  16. About 3900 of that was a 17 day trip to Utah in September. Another 1200 was bringing it home from Tennessee. So without those 2 big trips we'd only be around 1700 miles over 7 months. I only have 4 weeks vacation per year so hoping to do a 2 week trip each year and then we camp within 2-3 hours a couple of weekends each month. Since we're in TX we can camp pretty much year round.
  17. We are at 6,800 after 7 months of ownership. Not retired yet so limited on how many/how long trips can be.
  18. We picked up our trailer in February and everything has been good until our last trip. Twice during our 16 night trip my husband & I noticed this same thing. And after dumping with only clean water & chemicals in the toilet it had the same smell. We also decided it wasn't from the bathroom. It was also after traveling from one place to the next. My husband will be glad to hear he wasn't imagining it. I will direct him to this post to get some ideas. Cindy
  19. HH Desert Lakes Golf Course in Alamogordo, NM. Nice spot in corner of parking lot overlooking the 18th hole at sunset. We had breakfast at the clubhouse the next morning before heading out.
  20. HH Ice Caves & Bandera Volcanos near Grant, NM. Was a great place to dry camp one night. We did a hike the next morning before pulling out.
  21. We ended up using the manual low fan speed and it definitely helped. Also adjusting the temp up a degree or so from where it was set seemed to make a difference as well.
  22. I found this tiny drainer that fits perfectly in the sink. I got it at TJ Maxx. I do dishes with it in the sink and rinse and dry in place. It travels there under the cutting board as well.
  23. We went with the Rad E-Bikes. We picked the RadMini for my husband and the RadMini Step-Thru for myself. The bikes have the fat tires for off road or sand plus they fold. We carry them in our truck bed under a Leer Topper with only the handles folded down. When not camping we tend to buzz around in our Jeep and both will fit in the back with the seat folded down. They are mid-priced, not the cheapest bike offered and certainly not even close to the most expensive. They work great for us. They are a little heavier than some of the more expensive brands so we team lift to load them. My husband can load them by himself but it's easier with two people lifting them into the back of a 4WD truck. radpowerbikes.com Cindy RV travels with plenty of room for our Blackstone Adventure Grill, Aluminum Table, Gas Firepit, Outdoor rug, 2 chairs, storage box with helmets, life vests for kayaks and more photos of Jeep travel.
  24. Our microwave plate has ridden in the microwave since day one. Never an issue. We had a 5th wheel for 5 years before this and never removed the glass plate from it either. The cutting board rides on the sink. It is cut to fit and does not move. We don't have an inside trash container so can't answer that one. We use a small bag and throw out before leaving. We have a collapsible one for outside that we sometimes use. Our Vornado sits in the bottom of the closet along with our fan & dehumidifier. The only things so far that have ever been out of place when stopping our the dinette back cushions. We try to remember to turn them against the outside wall which is a tighter fit and most of the time they are still in place. The toilet brush and holder usually turns over in route. I might try the double sided tape. We also use clear plastic bins in the top cabinets and pantry to keep things from sliding around. Cindy
  25. Outdoors we have used the Thermacell and it has been fantastic. It protects a barrier of 15 or 20 feet (depending on model) around the device. We sit it on a table between us and have yet to be bitten. I haven't read if it is ok for indoor use but you might check. Sam's has them for a good price and I think Amazon and probably most big box store will carry them. Cindy
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