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  1. We have a Rad-mini and a Rad-mini step-thru. We carry ours in our truck bed in a rack under a topper. When we're not camping and going in our Jeep we fold them and put them in the back of the Jeep. We've been very happy with our purchase of the bikes. Cindy
  2. Received this email this morning. We got our Starlink in mid-February and the service for us has been great. We have no other internet available where we live and had been surviving on our data from cell phones the last few years. Ours is mounted on a pole above our 2nd story so probably won't be transporting it unless we were to take a long trip. Hopefully others will be able to take advantage of this. $25 per month doesn't seem like a bad price.
  3. Thanks Bill. We have reserved but forgot to ask about a charge.
  4. Was there a fee for the overnight stay or was it included with your service appointment? We would be driving from TX and arrive late on Sunday for a Monday appointment that is supposed to take 2 days. Looking to stay overnight Sunday and again Tuesday after the work before heading home Wednesday morning. Thanks for any info.
  5. Congratulations! Hope you enjoy many years of adventure in your new Oliver!
  6. Congratulations! You will love your Oliver. We picked up in February 21 with snow on the ground. It was quite the adventure.
  7. We LOVE our hullavator pros. They are not cheap but I found one new in the box on Marketplace for $225 and paid full retail for the other but had to order from Seattle to Texas as that was the only place that I could find a second one. Our truck is a 4x4 F250 and there is no safe way we would be able to load the 12' kayaks on top of the camper shell. It would take both of us being on ladders and lifting 65# over our heads. With the hullivator the arms pull down to the side of the truck and we load and tie down in less than 5 minutes. Release the arms and the struts take care of 40# of the weight lifting up. We have a pull behind trailer that I used to pull with our jeep and we would take the RV, 2 vehicles and the kayak trailer if we were camping nearby. This is MUCH easier.
  8. Adding a bedslide was a game changer for us under our topper. I found it on Marketplace for $600 ($2300 new plus tax) and my husband & I installed it ourselves. Just stand at the back of the truck, squeeze the release and pull the bed slide out like a drawer. We can pretty much reach anything from there. Sure makes a huge difference in loading and unloading things.
  9. My husband loves them for this reason. He normally goes out and sets up while I'm still at work and then I drive out when I get off. He has no problem getting level by himself. On our 5th wheel we had the Level Mate Pro but left it in it when we sold it. So far he said he hasn't really needed it with the Oliver and the Andersen levelers.
  10. @SeaDawg, next time we camp I'll try to remember to take a picture and post it. We don't always take the bikes depending on weather and only take the kayaks from about late March thru early October here in Texas.
  11. We use the Andersen levels and jack stands. We had used the Andersen levelers for 5 years with our 5th wheel. They are easy to use with out having to add blocks.
  12. We also went with the Leer painted to match our truck with the Thule bars on top. We added Thule Hullavators to lift our 12’ kayaks easily on top. Inside we carry 2 electric bikes, 12’ Clam, a propane fire pit, chairs, a 22” Blackstone Adventurer grill with stand, a 12’ rug, an aluminum table that folds to fit in a bag, a tool box, small air compressor and 2 stackable crates with cords, lights, helmets, battery chargers, etc. The cover also has lights and it locks with the remote when you lock the truck. We have had no issues at all with leaking. We also have a bed slide that pulls out to easily load and unload items.
  13. It's a brand of screen shelter for additional outside living without the bugs or for shade or rain/wind protection.
  14. We have this same fire pit except it is a 24". We use it often and enjoy the flame and warmth. We mainly got it so we didn't have to carry/buy firewood or deal with the smoke smell in our hair, clothes or the trailer if the windows are open. We have a 15' or 20' hose so have been able to place it pretty much wherever we want. We also have the dual hook ups on the outside of the trailer. If we need it way far away from the trailer we also have a small 5 gallon tank that we can use instead.
  15. We have the Clam Sky Escape Shelter which is one of the larger ones. It's 6 sided, measures 12x12. It is fully netted on all sides and top so you can see out to the night sky. It comes with the wind/rain walls, a rain fly top and a floor. You can use it in any combination. We have the shortbed F250 with the 6.5' bed and it fit straight in. We camped over Thanksgiving weekend with our grown kids & grandkids. 11 of us in all. On Saturday it rained from noon until 1am for 13 hours straight without stopping. It was great to have the shelter. We were able to fit everyone inside in chairs for dinner and during the day we had a smaller table set up for the kids to play games. It can be used over a picnic table easily without the floor installed. When the weather is nice we don't put any of the sides or top on and just use the netting to keep the bugs out.
  16. I actually had to sign on to my log in to find the new date. It wasn't in the email. Once you log in to your account page from the link in the email, scroll down about half way the new date is listed there.
  17. There is a specific company they use I think it's Cowboy something. There is a guy from Washington/Oregon that purchased right before us that had his delivered and was very happy with the service. Maybe he will see your post.
  18. I totally agree! I was amazed at the packaging process. He told me he couldn't find the size boxes he needs so he cuts down other boxes to fit perfectly and the backing materials as well. It felt just like Christmas when my boxes arrived earlier this year.
  19. I just got an email last night that my mid to late 2021 delivery is delayed until March 22 because of silicone shortage delaying satellite launches... I've been on the waiting list for almost 9mo now. Maybe someday we'll be able to have a working internet where we live.
  20. We had Hughes Net at one time but it constantly buffered. We ended up canceling it and just use our cell service. We are signed up about 6 months now and still waiting on Mid-Late 2021... 😞
  21. Exciting! We also carry the original in our Ollie and read a devotional each trip, instead of daily, to extend the life of the book. We have really enjoyed it. Would love to have the second one when you receive copies.
  22. Last year was a once in a lifetime event for most of Texas. We lived without power and water for 3 days at zero degrees. It rarely gets below freezing in North Central Texas (DFW area) and we might have a day or two with some ice accumulation if everything lines up just right. We camp year round. State parks for the most part are booked for weekends with more availability during the weeks and the colder months. Another option is COE parks and there are a lot of them in TX although some close for the winter months. Most are built around lakes. If you have the America the Beautiful pass camping is 1/2 price for seniors. Also Texas State Parks has an annual pass which gives you 1/2 off your second night's stay and covers your per person entry fee. Almost all of the parks have hiking and or biking trails. And there are many "resort" type campgrounds if you need all the amenities and don't mind paying for them.
  23. Always fun to camp with friends! We camped last weekend with 3 other couples we've camped with for years. Hubby set up before I got off work and by the time I got there 3 people had stopped by to ask about the Oliver and 2 wanted a tour!
  24. Thanks for the information. We have the lithium but not fully understanding how it all works yet. We have used it to run the AC a few times and other electrical stuff while dry camping.
  25. Congratulations on your new-to-you Oliver. You will enjoy upgrading it the way you want it and will love camping in it!
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