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Swiveling Towel Bar

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I recently purchased this towel bar from Ikea with the intent of installing it on the bathroom wall, just below the Oliver towel bar.  Haven't decided on exact placement yet.  BTW: I was skeptical of the quality of the fixture, since the price is modest.  It seems to be quite sturdy and well made.  

I'm going to use 3M picture hanging strips (dual lock) as a temporary attachment to determine the best placement before attaching it with VHB tape.  Questions: Will VHB hold up to water exposure?  Is it strong enough to support moderately wet items; wet bath towels will be hung on the Oliver installed towel bar or the wall hook.

I will need to come up with a way to prevent the bars from rubbing on the wall during transit; will try something like foam pipe insulation.  Also, the part of the bar that extends out moves freely.  I'm thinking some sort of rubber cap to fit over the end to hold it in place when not in use.

What do you think?  Has anyone else done this?  Any other suggestions are appreciated.  


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I'm familiar with that one, but we ended up with traditional bars.  In general, though, we've had good luck with Ikea products in the trailer, at least in terms of quality - and with appropriate expectations on the front end, given how inexpensive they are.  Our bath mat and towels have held up surprisingly well, dishes have remained in one piece, bath faucet seems perfectly fine, bath trash can has been fine, etc.  A few things haven't worked out - mainly kitchen towels, which were OK but deemed too thin and replaced, and various storage organizers have been hit and miss in terms of their utility, though their quality was fine.


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