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Just how many do you want to deal with?


Over the years, as we came out of the work a day world and into retirement, our RVing style changed to suit our needs. And, usually, it simply came down to just how much “stuff” we wanted to carry with us. Now “stuff” readily translates into weight and weight means more axles, tires, brakes and so on. Well, it doesn’t take long to realize that all the wheels, brakes and axles is where all the hidden expense and labor is located. Especially if you should hit a piece of steel that had been lost from a 18 wheeler and because of traffic, could not be avoided.

We have been fortunate to have experienced a few different types of travel trailers and thinking back on just which setup gave us the most enjoyable for trips. Here is a quick look at a few. You can nearly count the axles and see how much fun we were having.


Our first night away from the Oliver Factory in our new Ollie, Hull #3. Seems like this may have been in the winter of 2007. We were headed for Nashville and overnighted near Waffle House in Columbia Tennessee. Easy parking, easy in, easy out onto the highway. Our goal was to get away from most of the traffic noise, have a bit of grass for our dogs and be close for a hearty breakfast before hitting the road early. Being highly maneuverable with good ground clearance gave us that ability.


Photo by Bugeyedriver.

Years pass and in this photo we are meeting up with Bugeyedriver and are enroute to a molded fiberglass rally. This was one of those landscaped shopping center parking lots with all the manicured tree and grass covered islands. We were towing like this and needed to park much further away from where we were buying supplies.


A little more length and another axle made a difference.

While work camping, we experienced all four seasons and didn’t have the luxury of going by home base to reload the camper with seasonal clothing, food and bedding. Count these axles!

Fourteen tires,wheels and brakes on six axles!


As you might note, we are parked way out on the fringe of a restaurant parking lot and had to circle a bit while looking for a place to park. Yes we are pulling double, with a long wheel base one ton Dually, 38’ fifthwheel and a Jeep on a tow bar.

Carrying more “stuff” on a higher axle count was draining our “fun factor”!

Fuel cost, wear and tear, and just ever so many other factors can be viable issues in your equation, but for us, when we lose our ability to “whip on in to check out a roadside attraction”, we are just having less fun! Axles, yep, we count em’.

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