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  1. Share and Enjoy !Shares Photography Tips for Mobile Phone Imagine this, the light is perfectly shining onto the rolling hills defined with woodland vegetation spread across the landscape. As the clouds build to a fluffy white peak in the sky, they nestle your bright sided new Oliver Travel Trailer. With the availability of mobile phones with high quality cameras taking great photos of things you love is possible. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get better photos while on your travels. With a camera accessible at your finger tips and able to be carried with you at all times, there is not a part of your travels you will forget if you can capture it with a picture. Framing Framing a photo is one of the first things to look at when beginning to take a photo. The term framing comes from what the camera will capture when the film is exposed. Modern camera and phone cameras do not rely on film. In fact, there are a lot of helpful tools that can allow framing to be an easier task. Most modern cameras on a smart phone will display a 3x3 grid. This is an essential tool for good framing of a photo. Apple and Android phones: Setting>Camera> activate “Grid Line” The most common display will be a 3x3 grid, to use this tool properly, place your subject at the intersection points of the horizontal and vertical lines. The human eye naturally is directed to that point on a photo. Lighting One of the most important elements to great photo is light. After almost a year of photographing for Oliver Travel Trailer, I have learned that there is a thin line between too much light and not enough light in some circumstances. The Ollies ultra-bright white gel coat in some lighting situations be frustrating. Too much light and it will over expose your photo and you will be left with a bright egg in the photo. With not enough light the trailer can look dull and grey. A solution for this problem is to reducing the amount of light. Place the sun behind an object (ex. a tree, the trailer, cloud cover, etc.) By dampening the sun’s brightness, it can reduce the reflection from the trailer. To increase the light, you can take the photo with the sun behind you. This will reduce shadows and allow available light to fall onto the trailer making it look brighter. In your phone camera, you can also correct some of these issues. Normally, when taking a photo, it will automatically adjust to the available light you are in. But you can control the camera. After framing up your shot, if you touch the screen, it will focus the camera, and a trick many do not know is that by swiping up or down next to the focus icon you will be able to control the level of exposure in the photo. Zoom with your feet Some photos are best to zoom in, or close the distance to your subject. One of the downfalls for a modern smart phone is the zoom feature is not an authentic zoom. By zooming in on your mobile phone camera, it will enlarge and crop available pixels. This will create distortion and you will lose photo quality. My best advice is to zoom with your feet. The closer to the subject you can get will improve the quality of your images. Be cautious with this tip, pay attention to your surroundings. Digitally zoomed in from far away Closer to subject Your own style No one can be you, or have your own style, or appreciate the beauty you imagine. So, embrace your own style, your own travels, and what inspires you. You do not have to copy others work or creations to be good at taking pictures. Finding inspiration to start a creative process can be important, but feeling like you have to produce the same images can be overwhelming. Take the time to be yourself and live in the moments you are in. Just a few quick tips to pack with you on your next adventure. If you are like me, capturing where your travels take you and sharing them for others to see can be a highlight to the trip. Taking a few extra seconds to look, frame, and adjust a photo before taking it can make all the difference, so be patient and soak in the beautiful vistas that are in front of you. Share and Enjoy !Shares The post Capturing Travels appeared first on Oliver Travel Trailers. Read the Full Article
  2. Here's a good blog post I made about some good APPS: https://olivertraveltrailers.com/blog/best-mobile-apps-rv-camping/
  3. Share and Enjoy !Shares As many of you know, in the fall of last year, we moved into our new Sales & Service Center located at 228 Industrial Ave., Hohenwald, TN. Since moving into our new Sales & Service Center, all customers receiving service work were allowed to use our electric hookups at our old sales office located at 737 Columbia Hwy in Hohenwald. We have now completed our campsites at our new Sales & Service Center. Beginning September 1, 2021, we will allow customers who are getting service work and all new deliveries to stay at our new campsites adjacent to our new Sales & Service Center. Our electric hookups at 737 Columbia Hwy will no longer be available for use beginning September 1, 2021. Our new adjacent camping area features seven individual campsites with water, 30 amp electric hookups, and a dump station. Due to the limited number of campsites and increased customer volume, staying at our campsite is by reservation only. Since we are delivering one, and in many cases two, trailers per day, all new deliveries will be automatically reserved for only one night in our campsites. If you wish to stay longer in the area, you must make reservations at one of the other local campgrounds. If you have or are planning to schedule service at our facility, please let us know if you need an overnight reservation for one of our campsites. To make reservations, please call us at 1-888-526-3978 during normal business hours of 8 AM to 5 PM CST, Monday thru Friday. Having our campsites adjacent to our new Sales & Service Center will better serve our new and existing customers. We look forward to visiting with you when you come to see us for service or at the delivery of your Oliver! Share and Enjoy !Shares The post New Oliver Campsites appeared first on Oliver Travel Trailers. Read the Full Article
  4. Something a little different than y'all are probably used to ;), it's a classic now... '94 - Chris Cornell is the singer
  5. I cannot unlock it but I can change it. What do you want your new name to be?
  6. What's going on here? Why are they using Oliver inside photos? Lol
  7. Thought that I disabled those notifications, actually I did. Strange you are still getting them. Do you think you changed any forum account settings for notifications in your profile?
  8. I made some changes but it also reduces the security for your account as those that have 2-factor authentication will no longer be required to do the 2-factor authentication when logging into the front end from a new device (or someone else attempts to). So be aware of this. If it was just a notification probably not an issue. It's probably too late to ask if you try another browser if that would work since I made this change.
  9. What exactly are you experiencing? Is it just an email notification or are you having to do 2-factor authentication? Did you setup the 2-factor authentication in your account recently? Far as I know it's not enabled by default because I don't have it enabled on my account.
  10. I just sent out an email to our heads of company about this. @JRK have you already put in support ticket to our services department?
  11. I see now what you are getting. It's a notification email when you login successfully to the forums. I will disable those emails. Thanks.
  12. There are security settings on the backend of the forums to help secure each and every one of your accounts from anyone that might try to login (there is no problem with that - it's a fail safe setup). Basically, It is a double authentication that's always been in place. If you login from a private window then there is nothing that tells the forums that you are actually you, so you will get that authentication email to verify that it is you and not someone else. This is why there is no issue when using a regular browsing window because you are logging in from a recognized device that has been used for your account on previous login. This is also the reason why you must authenticate every time when using a private window, each time it is different, that is the whole point of using a private window. Also this could apply if you are using any kind of VPN. It may even apply if you are moving around and the IP address changes. Hope that clears things up a bit and sorry if there are any inconveniences, it is in place for the protection of all of our accounts on these forums.
  13. I made some code changes setting max height of signatures image to 400 pixels and width to auto. Should help.
  14. That's what it was. Hidden setting in the menu. It's fixed now.
  15. I'm switching it up a little bit today. Fibonacci sequence in music.
  16. Let's play a game. The rules are simple and must be followed. Using 3 words only, write a story that is related to the post above yours. It can be funny, weird, wacky, doesn't even have to make sense but try to keep it on topic per the post above yours at least until it appears that it has ended. Then start a new one. Cannot post more than 1 time in a row. Example: Post 1: Today I went Post 2: to Walmart and Post 3: this guy said Post 4: what's wrong with Post 5: my car because Post 6: it changed colors Post 7: and now someone Post 8: took my keys Post 9: so I decided Post 10: to take an Post 11: elephant and get Post 12: some ice cream. Lol can get really funky if you like, but only 3 words per post. Have fun! Person below this post may start it.
  17. Hi Everyone, You may have noticed some members with a different name markup (Bolded) and user group Member+? This is a new user group created that helps identify members that are highly active on the forums. These members have over 200 posts and have become fairly well known around the forums to everyone and staff. There is no real benefit, no extra permissions, but it is fancier and an incentive to be active in the Oliver Owner's community. If you have over 200 posts and have not been automatically promoted to this user group, then you need to logout and then log back in so the automated system can upgrade the account. If you have any other trouble or questions please feel free to private message me. In the future there may be more user groups to be automatically promoted to as the forums grow. This is a common practice to adapt to a growing community. Thanks y'all and have a good day!
  18. Lol, I have always said the Oliver looks like it'd float!
  19. I noticed your map is almost filled up! Soon you'll have to hang it up and start a new map to have some goals lol
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