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Aerial View of the Oliver's Roof


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As the prospective owner is pondering the various add on's and wondering just how they might look after being installed, it doesn't take long for them to figure out, exterior roof views are scarce. So, if you are wondering just what the roof of an Elite II would look like with solar panels installed, or maybe how the satellite dome looks in relation to the other stuff up there on the roof, maybe this video can help.

This High Definition video was shot by RC Heilo Pilot Bill Harmon while we were showing the Oliver travel trailers out in Quartzsite Arizona at the Gem and Mineral show. Shown from a roof top perspective are two Elite II's, a twin bed and a King bed as well as a 2008 Elite. That 18.5 foot Elite belonged to a Oliver Family member and had over 160,000 miles on it when they lost track of it's actual mileage. Interestingly it had spent most of it's life in the harsh sunshine of the Dessert South West, so when you are looking down on those roofs it is a good chance to see just how the Oliver's finish holds up under years of weather.

This video was produced and edited by Bill Harmon. Please excuse my jaw dropped, "in awe" expression, it was my first look up close at the speed and accuracy of the heilo.

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