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Island Camping with Ollie


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Absent without Leave! As our last appointment of the day was over, at Mathis Texas, and we took measure of what we needed to do next, we came to a startling discovery ! We were ever so close to the National Seashore just South East of Corpus Christi Texas ! Now, that is where all measuring of what comes next stopped. Right there. Dead in its' tracks. And a full fledged escape began to happen ! Yep, we went off schedule, off route, played hooky and I mean, we went full fledged AWOL ! Here is a look.


In this photo the early morning sun reflects brightly off of the Ollie that we are pulling behind the Pony Express. We slept all night with the windows open, listening to the surf on the beach. A gentle breeze blowing through the windows. It was quiet, really quiet. This morning about sun up, a ICE heilo made a beach patrol pass by us. I snapped this photo as the heilo passed over the visitor center.


About the time I snapped the last photo, Betty hollered out the window, come and get it! Breakfast Burritos with Picante’ sauce ! What a great start to a Beach Escape Day!

After breakfast we will move up to the Malakeet campground, dump tanks, top off with water, then move over to visit with cool Casita friends that are camped at the Bird Island Basin campground over on the estuary, or LaGuna Madre side of the island.

Island camping with the Ollie, it’s the Bomb!

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