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Decision Making 101


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Years ago, while back in the “work a day” world, on a day off, I was working my way through a chore list, on the farm.  One of those chores was to worm the small herd of Brangus cattle, that included a young Brangus Bull. Now, the wormer that I had on hand was not the liquid type, that pours on the back, but was instead, the paste in a tube type. He. he, now, those that have been there, already know that this isn’t going to go well!

The cows handled easy and the paste worming went well with them. But, with the Bull however, it quickly became a battle of will’s ! Soon, the bull was back in the pasture, un wormed,  with his cows, and I was looking for something to cut a wedding band off. In the above photo, taken many years later, one may see the ring imprint, but the scar tissue isn’t readily visible.

As my current wedding band wore thin over the years, it began to cut and inflame the old scar tissue. Causing me to leave it on the dresser more than I was comfortable with. Then one day I saw a ad on the internet that caught my attention.

A soft, supple, silicone wedding band. I ordered mine a size larger and it fits and wear’s great! Here is a look at the ring by itself.

This non traditional solution works well for us, but may not be for some that have made better decisions while worming a randy young bull!

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