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Are You a Nomad?


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If you have a strong and compelling desire to see what is over there on the other side of the mountain, or maybe, hike to the mountaintop in the predawn chill, just to see the first rays of sunshine peek over the horizon, you might be a nomad.

As baby boomers retire by the thousands each day, they bring into their new lifestyle, the values instilled in them by their parents. The worlds greatest generation, the World War II Veteran’s and spouse’s. That generation, out of necessity, were world traveler’s and
experienced the restlessness  brought into their lives by the upheaval of WWII.

The new Eisenhower Interstate Highway system was developing rapidly during this same time frame, and they took advantage of it in the form of a rapidly developing Travel Trailer industry.

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Because of their intense sense of duty, the world’s Greatest Generation rebuilt America while taking every opportunity to Hit the road.  Many of their offspring, the Baby Boomer’s, first memories are of a military base and a Mobile, somewhat Spartan lifestyle. Now as the offspring of the World’s Greatest Generation are retiring, they are often time’s hitting the open road on a full time basis.

Because they are so active and out of doors oriented, many need a trailer that they can get into those places that are just naturally good for the soul. They need a more maneuverable, agile trailer with good ground clearance.

Today’s four season, long lasting, molded fiberglass trailers fully meet that need!

It is a great time in America to be retiring out on to the open road!

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