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Modification to prevent bed tear down


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Ok.  It’s that time again.  Time to think of what improvements we can make to the Jellybean. 

We are in South Texas with the Bean stored at our house. We love fall and winter camping so we never do the winterizing with antifreeze or air. Besides this week, we don’t get many freezing times. 

my usual winter prep is to drain the water heater and tanks. Then I usually bring in or move all of the cushions so I can open up the storage compartments under each cushion to allow warm heat to circulate.   This is easy in the front, but much more difficult in the back because we put a 4 inch mattress topper over it all.  Then we have the electric space heater or furnace on to keep it warm.   This is a lot of work for 1 night freeze warnings. Also, I can’t use it as a guest overflow while it’s all broken up.  As a side note, it’s also extremely a PITA to drain the fresh water tank because I have to tear the bed apart.  Those memory foam mattress toppers are heavy and unwieldy.  

sorry for the long back story.... 


I was thinking about cutting two access hatch ports on either side under the bed.  Two benefits.  1. I can reach into one from laying on the floor to drain the fresh water. 
2. I can just open the hatches to allow warm air to get into those spots.  

I’m all about easier and more efficient.

thoughts? Anyone done it?

We have a non ducted, shorty old timer Oliver.  
hull #10

2008 Elite

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Brandi Shaffer

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We have the basement door, and a factory vent + access door on the curb side in our 2019.  Another option that seems pretty good are the electric valves a few folks have installed so they can easily winterize/draw water in the boon docking port/etc...

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Between Olivers…

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