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  1. We switched from red to black several years ago. Best decision ever. No streaking.
  2. Ok. It’s that time again. Time to think of what improvements we can make to the Jellybean. We are in South Texas with the Bean stored at our house. We love fall and winter camping so we never do the winterizing with antifreeze or air. Besides this week, we don’t get many freezing times. my usual winter prep is to drain the water heater and tanks. Then I usually bring in or move all of the cushions so I can open up the storage compartments under each cushion to allow warm heat to circulate. This is easy in the front, but much more difficult in the back because we put a 4 inch mattress topper over it all. Then we have the electric space heater or furnace on to keep it warm. This is a lot of work for 1 night freeze warnings. Also, I can’t use it as a guest overflow while it’s all broken up. As a side note, it’s also extremely a PITA to drain the fresh water tank because I have to tear the bed apart. Those memory foam mattress toppers are heavy and unwieldy. sorry for the long back story.... I was thinking about cutting two access hatch ports on either side under the bed. Two benefits. 1. I can reach into one from laying on the floor to drain the fresh water. 2. I can just open the hatches to allow warm air to get into those spots. I’m all about easier and more efficient. thoughts? Anyone done it? ps. We have a non ducted, shorty old timer Oliver. hull #10 2008 Elite
  3. Hi guys. Last summer our microwave failed. Ive read as many threads as I could regarding microwaves but I still have a few questions for the people that have tinkered with theirs. As you know, the Jellybean is one of the old geezers and we find things were always done a bit different with it. Lol I was finally brave enough to start removing the trim piece. No screws or rivets, just lots of marine glue. Managed to get it loose without breaking it. I can’t say the same for one of my favorite thin bladed knives. lol. As I peered through the tiny slot above the microwave, I realized that I have no idea how to get my hand inside to reach and undo the bolts on the tie down. Would I drill out the rivets on the metal vent grate and squeeze my hand in there? Next question. As I peer through that slot, I can see a plug receptacle. I am confused that there is only one plug plugged in to it. Shouldn’t there be TWO? One for the fridge and one for the microwave? I’m wondering if maybe the microwave plug just came loose? The Jellybean is a 2008 model. Back in the prototype age. Lol.
  4. Sherry. I know I flipped some shades because one of them kept wanting to slide... but I forget which one? Lol. I think I just flipped the big one. It used to like to pop off sometimes during travel. It stays secure now. My big one has the black privacy screen at the top and the back ones have the privacy screen coming up from the bottom. Not sure what they were originally supposed to be. Lol The backsplash is little metal 3D tiles. Found it on Amazon. 🙂 thanks Overland. I’m still undecided on the two tone font. It was an idea by Iron Horse. I think it’s hard to read unless you are close. I was debating on having it redone, but then again, we have other things to buy. Lol
  5. Yup. New graphics on the side. Iron Horse replaced them too. Nothing was wrong with them except for the color. Lol. They were GOLD! Didn’t match the truck 😉
  6. We have the magnetic baggage doors holders on our bathroom door. Stuck them in with command strips. Been there for a couple of years now. On the suggestion of another poster, I moved one of the magnets to the inside of the dinette seat. Much better “pull”. The other way was a bit too strong.
  7. We had the sliders. Hated them for two reasons. 1. The tracks were brittle and breaking. Fell out all of the time 2. harder to get stuff in and out because you only had 1/2 an opening to work with iron Horse RV in San Antonio made plexiglass doors. Attached the top hidden piano hinge with 3M tape and out super strong magnet catches at the bottom. We debated if the hinge should be at the top or bottom. Went with top. Figured it would be more secure while towing Jellybean #10
  8. If you decide on painting yours, contact me and I’ll let you know what you shouldn’t probably paint. We have the red JellyBean pictured above. For example, do not paint the rubber window gasket/glazing beads. It fades/cracks and distracts from the look. I’m currently in the process of replacing all of mine with black. :)
  9. Perfect idea Mike! I’m going to add felt to ours since the grip is super strong :) Thanks!
  10. I used the removable “command strips” to attach ours. Picture hanging strips. It was all planned to be temporary in case I didn’t like it but so far it is great. And stuck tight. I just attached the pic of the ones with the attached 3M tape as another possibility. :) The JellyBean is going strong. Just got back from a Thanksgiving Week trip to Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas. That park is amazing. My current project is replacing all of the painted red rubber window glazing strips with black. The black looks much nicer since the red paint likes to chip and crack off. Thought it would be an easy job. Bwhahaha!! I’ve managed to replace one half of one small window. Just can’t get it in there. I’m about to throw in the towel and see if I can find a local business that will do it.
  11. We bought magnetic RV baggage door magnets. I used command hook tape to stick each side to the bottom of the door frame and the matching side to the lower side of the dinette seat. You don’t even notice them. We’ve used these for about a year now in the Texas heat and they are still going strong. Just doing a google search for RV baggage clips and I came across another type that already has 3M tape attached. Like a round knob. Looks very nice.
  12. For the first time I noticed two switches mounted above the outside faucet in the battery compartment. One switch controls a handy little light installed behind it but I can’t figure out what the other switch does. Any ideas?
  13. We have a 2008 but our blinds are bright white. Lol
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