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New Usergroup Promotions for Active Members


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Hi Everyone, 

You may have noticed some members with a different name markup (Bolded) and user group Member+? This is a new user group created that helps identify members that are highly active on the forums. These members have over 200 posts and have become fairly well known around the forums to everyone and staff.  There is no real benefit, no extra permissions, but it is fancier and an incentive to be active in the Oliver Owner's community.

If you have over 200 posts and have not been automatically promoted to this user group, then you need to logout and then log back in so the automated system can upgrade the account. If you have any other trouble or questions please feel free to private message me.

In the future there may be more user groups to be automatically promoted to as the forums grow. This is a common practice to adapt to a growing community.

Thanks y'all and have a good day!

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