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2 hours ago, rideandfly said:

We started using Meguiar's products over a year ago with great results removing stains and creating a beautiful finish. We normally wax annually, but did not travel much during 2020 with Covid keeping Ollie inside a hangar. Did not wax Ollie during 2020 or 2021, so far.  We were camping a couple weeks ago when it was really hot, found shade trees to park under to keep Ollie cooler. After returning home found a thick layer of tree sap on the top of Ollie. After using Meguiar's Flagship Marine wax over a year ago, tree sap/spots came off easily with normal washing.

Black streaks, always wondered why they appear like your above photos and when we stored Ollie outside for a couple years. We live 15 miles (like the crow flies) from Charlotte Douglas International Airport NC under approach path to well used runways.

Could jet exhaust be causing these black streaks?

We have been also using Meguiar's products for over 14 years on fiberglass trailers with great results.  Last weekend we returned home from a camping trip in the western parts of Virginia.  The last campground was Sherando Lake on the Blue Ridge Parkway and we were under trees that liked to dump lots of sap.  When we got home I just washed the trailer and the sap came of very easy.  Then I polished the trailer with Meguiar's Premium Flagship Marine Wax; looks like new.

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Horace & Dianne

Chesapeake, Virginia

2016 Toyota Tundra Crewmax 4x4 Limited

2015 Oliver Legacy Elite II - Hull # 93

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