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  1. We have carried two of our grand children several times; one sleeps for a couple nights on the side dinette and the other one on the floor. They will switch positions every couple of nights. We carry a roll up pad for the one that sleeps on the floor, this has worked for us several times.
  2. In the six years I have been using the Andersen WDH I have never had any issue of connecting or disconnecting at any angle.
  3. At the time we ordered the Oliver I requested a list of equipment including model and serial numbers in writing to our sales person; no list was ever provided by Oliver Trailer Trailers. At delivery I requested the completed list, the sales person said there was no such list; I present a copy of my original request, he said they did not provide the information, that's not what he said at the time we purchased the trailer.
  4. The only good thing about a diesel truck is the exhaust brake. I owned one Chevy diesel a few years ago and it dumped us many times while pulling a larger trailer than the Oliver.
  5. When we purchased our 2015 Oliver I requested for a list of all serial numbers; when the trailer was delivered not a serial number was provided. I had to obtain all serial number my self for product registration.
  6. It's nice to see you made the trip safely.
  7. When we purchased our 2015 Oliver was no help in getting the TV audio to the radio speakers. I determined how it should be done, at the time I sent the written procedure to our sales person,, who knows what he did with it. Attached is my procedure that works for us. Oliver TT Television Speakers via Radio.doc
  8. Our trailer is almost 6 years old; I have always run the fridge on propane during travels with no issues. The only time we switch over to 12V is when we have to use one of the tunnels in our area; they require all campers of any type to stop for inspection. You have to prove to them that the gas bottles are off. After we pass through the tunnel we stop and put the fridge back on propane. We have been doing this process for many decades.
  9. @Middlefork49you will not be needing to disconnect the Andersen WDH for various types of weather; leave it connect and you will not have any issues.
  10. Enjoy your new trailer, the Andersen is easy to connect and disconnect. We have been using the Andersen for almost six years.
  11. Also the BLACK zip ties are more for outside use due to the UV factor.
  12. Time will tell how these trailers work out, there is a lot of junk trailers on the road.
  13. Looks like poor installation on Oliver's part.
  14. The name of the campground is "Fall Hollow", we were there the same night, you pulled in next to us.
  15. Yes, I have 4 six volt T105 Trojan wet cell batteries. This was one of the battery options at the time of purchase of the Oliver Travel Trailer. The 4 six volt batteries fills the battery tray with no spare space available.
  16. FrankC: we also have the 4 six volt Torjan wet cell batteries, they have provided excellent service for almost six years of Oliver II ownership. I check the batteries on a regular schedule and most of the time no water is necessary. The most water I have ever added is between 0.5 to 1.0 oz of water. If you take care of them they will out last any AGM battery. We did not purchase or regret purchasing the solar package; we stay about 75% of the time in campgrounds with hookups. We have stayed in National Park Campgrounds up to two weeks without any problems. Sometimes we will carry a 2000i Honda generator; but not all the time. My tow vehicles has no problem in charging the Oliver's 4 six volt Torjan wet cell batteries; after I corrected Oliver's wiring problem. When my current Torjan batteries require replacement it will be the same battery. With NO solar or No inverter there are fewer problems to deal with, I have no issues in my ability to handle any electrical issue with the Oliver Travel Trailer.
  17. Yes, Oliver will install your Andersen WDH at the time you pick up the trailer. There are a number of threads on this forum about the Andersen, I suggest you read them. I have been using WDH's for many decades with pulling travel trailers. We picked up our LEII almost six years ago and I have been using the Andersen every since; it only takes me about four minutes to hitch up or unhitch when using the Andersen over just connecting a trailer to a tow vehicle with out any type of WDH. After reading the threads about Andersen WDH; you will get some very good information including those individuals that don't like them. It's a great safety device when pulling a trailer of this size. Good luck.
  18. Call Oliver Service Department they should know the replacement details.
  19. I think you will be pleased with what you see at the Oliver factory, good luck and safe travels. Where is home base?
  20. If your reply is related to my post, you don't know what Michelin tires I purchased. I have been running Michelin tires for many decades.
  21. We have Michelin on our 2016 Tundra. I just replaced them in April just due to age, there was still 75% of the tread left. The Tundra came with AT2 Michelin but I replaced them with another Michelin tire; we have made one fairly long trip with the new Michelin's and they handle great.
  22. I agree with Townesw's statement "We don't need no stinking BADGES". I can't see how a system can rank me as a NEWBIE, when I have been pulling travel trailers all over the United States for over 50 years, with no issues.
  23. i have been using this same pin and spring clip with the tapered tip for almost six years; mine was also purchased from Tractor Supply. It really aids in hooking up and unhooking.
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