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  1. Welcome to the Oliver forum, we are just a few miles south of you on the Chesapeake Bay. You will have no issues with your Tundra pulling an Elite II. We have been camping for 53 years and have pulled travel trailers all over this country and enjoyed every trip.
  2. We were having the same problem shortly after delivery so we just place a drop of caulk on each lower window clip only; this will solve the problem.
  3. Hopefully all fellow vets had a pleasant Veterans Day.
  4. You should get years of great service with the new cap.
  5. We had to replace ours this spring; I purchased a replacement at a local RV dealership. In five years we will need to replace them again.
  6. I assume your comment is from the map in which we have traveled in the United States; North Dakota is the only state we have missed.
  7. There is no login or logout icon at the top, where did they go?
  8. What does Oliver Travel Trailer Service Department include into their yearly service (repack wheel bearing, lube EZ flex, check brakes, wash and polish, etc). Normally any company that you request a yearly service for lets say HVAC in your home; that company can provide you with a list of services that will be preformed including the price. I have carried our 2015 Elite II back to the factory every year to do a few things including repacking the wheel bearings; they have never said anything about a "Yearly Service Package".
  9. What is included in the Oliver Yearly Service?
  10. Nice tow vehicle and it's the same color as mine.
  11. Our T105's are almost 5 years old and still very strong. I did not purchase the hydrolink, it is no problem pulling the fill covers and checking the water levels. In all of my years dealing with very large battery system, I saw problems with hydrolink systems not maintaining the correct water level in wet cell batteries. If you pull the covers and check the water level and keep it adjusted to the proper level the batteries will last a long time.
  12. Mike and Carol: Our unit was doing the same over the last few months; but ours is not an Atwood. This is the replacement unit I used Safe-T-Alert Model 35-742-WT (Dual Carbon Monoxide & Propane Gas Alarm Unit). It was purchased from Camping World, installed in same location as the original unit. There is a one amp fuse under the left side bed for the unit. According to the manufacture these units should be replaced every five year. I installed quick disconnects in the 12VDC feeds which will make it easy to replace in the future.
  13. Nan: what part of Virginia are you planning on for a camping trip?
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