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  1. There are no issues with any size camper in Shenandoah River SP, VA. Very easy access to all site up thru the largest 5th wheels or sunblockers. Most Virginia State Parks have very nice campgrounds with large sites. You can not see the river from the campground but it is only a short walk to reach the river. Enjoy or stay.
  2. We have camped there multiple times over the years; it is a really nice campground. The camp sites are level and very easy to back into them; I think there are a few pull thru sites. Last spring we were in site 11; I recommend you try and reserve a site, they fill up fast. Most all of the sites are great including very clean restrooms and showers. The entrance road is not that steep, you will not have any issues getting into the campground.
  3. I had the metal stems replaced when I installed TPMS; so you did not replace the metal stems when you replaced the tires with new metal stems?
  4. Did Discount Tire replace the valve steams with metal steams? I will be replacing our BF Goodrich tires with Cooper Discoverer HHT3 tires; obtained prices from Discount Tire a few days ago. When I asked about using metal valve steams and wanted to see them, they said it was a special order.
  5. Walter: Thank you for the information; do you know why Oliver has switch from Trojan batteries to the Bright Way?
  6. Walter: Where are you purchasing the Bright Way Group EVGC6 - 6V 220AH batteries from? So far my Trojan T105's wet cells are still hanging in. Thanks
  7. If you have a NAPA auto parts store near you, they stock the metal valve steams.
  8. When Our Oliver Elite II was delivered to us no brake wires were attached. The wires were just hanging down under the trailer not attached to anything; also the wire coming from the tow vehicle was just hanging under the trailer. It just proves when picking up a new trailer, you need to check everything (craw under the trailer and have Oliver provide a ladder so you can get up on the roof to check out things.
  9. Bill: were the mounting holes on the new battery tray the same as the old tray? Nice looking installation; what brand of group 27 AGM batteries are you using?
  10. It is a DOT requirement to not fuse the wire leading to the break away switch.
  11. RideandFly: your replacement tray sure looks like it is a better constructed tray than the original. When I replaced my battery tray a couple years ago it was the same replacement tray as the original. Are you going to remain with the AGM batteries or upgrade to the lithium? Currently my Torjan T105 wet cells are in great shape; I have no plans to upgrade to the lithium; at the present time there are to many issues with the lithium.
  12. Dan and Theresa welcome from a Virginia Oliver TT owner, we enjoy traveling in Colorado, it's a lovely state.
  13. As for the sewer hose, I carry one 10 foot and one 15 foot the two can be coupled together if necessary; I have never needed any additional lengths. The fresh water hose I carry one 25 foot, one 10 foot and one 5 foot plus a water filter. Most of the time the 10 foot is all that is needed. I also carry one 50 foot flex green hose for the black tank flush.
  14. On our 2015 Elite II Hull #93 eight self drilling screws were used to secure the tray to fiberglass, but no rivets. The four longer self drilling screws in Bill's picture are towards the rear of the battery box and the four short self drilling screws were installed toward the opening of the battery box. All eight screws has a aluminum plate under the battery box so the screws had something other than fiberglass for attachment. When I installed the new tray I used four long 1/4" - 20 SS machine screws with SS fender washers and nylon locking nuts; for the rear screws. You can get your h
  15. Our unit did the same thing after 4.5 years; we purchased a replacement unit and it says on the unit to replace in 5 years after placed in service.
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