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Black and Gray Water Chemicals

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Being new to the world of RVing, I am unsure about which Holding Tank Treatment is best. I am currently using Oxy-Kem drop in paks. It seems to work well but I have not added any slide valve lubricant as recommended in the manual. I noticed that one brand of holding tank treatment has a lubricant included. Would this be the best to use or would separate products be best? Thanks for any help from all you experienced campers!



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I'm not saying what I'm using is the "best", but I've been using the Camco products because it is readily available locally and is formaldehyde free. I believe there are even more environmentally-friendly methods out there, but I haven't tried them yet.


Even though the Camco green TST has some coconut oil lubricant in it, I have also added the straight coconut oil separately once just for preventative maintenance. I can't say it was necessary, but I don't think it can hurt.



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