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Another Oliver micro rally at 10 K elevation !


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He, he, as we all know, there is often more to the story. Here is the rest. This morning after daylight Mark found bear tracks all over the outside of his Oliver ! Now, he was safe inside, and when he shined his million candle power light outside, the bear scrammed.

Say, Mark, that's quite a souvenier you are taking home with you ! Not every one can say "wanna' see the bear tracks on my camper ?"

I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth 08' Oliver Legacy Elite HULL NUMBER 0003(sold)

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We traveled about 1300 miles thru bear country in Canada, and never saw a bear. (Our neighbors reported them several times.) Do you have a bear trap for relocation? A number of times, we saw bear traps in Canada being deployed in areas where actuve bears had been reported in campsites.


Glad to know the Oliver repelled the bear. We always thought it would, but verification is good.


We have now been thru the bear control practice lectures in Canada a dozen times, at least, and already knew the drill. We have bear on the property in NC, and are careful there as well. No coolers outside, no food outside, no loose garbage or scraps, no smells of food anywhere near the trailer (or tent.). All garbage in bags, in the tow vehicle. Bear can smell food 7 kilometers away, I've heard.



2008 Ram 1500 4 × 4

2008 Oliver Elite, Hull #12

Florida and Western North Carolina, or wherever the truck goes....

400 watts solar. DC compressor fridge. No inverter. 2 x 105 ah agm batteries .  Life is good.




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