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LED Lights Buzz or sound like night-time crickets

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In our 2016 LEII, we noticed we can change the pitch of the "buzz", "hum", or "tinnitus" like noises coming from the trailer.  I, Chris, had a difficult time even noticing it due to tinnitus, but Erika heard it right away.  Moving different switches in the trailer to different positions produces different pitches, some higher than other sounds.  Even turning on or off the booster(s) will produce the noise.  The LEDs don't even need to be turned on to hear the noise, though more difficult for someone with tinnitus to hear.

Has anyone experienced this before in the Olivers? 

Is this a potential issue, or simply the tech in the rigs?

Would newer LEDs, if they’re the issue, produce less of this noise?

I know LEDs can produce an electromagnetic (EM) hum when on dimmers, but we don’t have any dimmer switches (that we know of). 


2016 Legacy Elite II  o--o  Hull #110 o--o  Wayfinder  o--o  Twin Bed  o--o  2020 RAM 1500 Limited 5.7L 
Augusta, Georgia

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