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  1. I'll carry a pressure gauge when I'm at the factory. That won't look suspicious at all. LOL. I'll wear my Oliver hat I got at the rally. hehe
  2. Has anyone had success re-sticking the tank sensors to the tanks? In my case the fresh water tank, and likely the grey tank, sensors are starting to peel up from the bottom. They still work, as well as ever, but eventually they will peel off completely.
  3. Congratz on the new tires @csevel. I'm too late to this thread, but I also went with new Michelin Agilis Cross Climate - LT225/75 R16. I love 'em, but I'd love any good reliable tire that is round and black. Many folks love those coopers. Keep them covered when not in use! I'm still a bit confused though. After all these years of many forum threads mentioning pressure from the factory, why are they still putting 80psi in them? I understand if one blows that will place more "pressure" on the others, but 80psi is one hell of a hard ride. I also keep mine at just under 50psi, but I travel extremely light too. No much extra in the way of toys, yet. I'll be at the factory in July getting the new suspension upgrade and windows on the old #110. I'll ask that question there. I forgot to open up that can of worms at the Alabama rally. LOL
  4. The Furrion S cameras may be a bit of a challenge, but I may try a molded plastic cover with 3M adhesive tape, or, I have some friends into 3D printing. If that did not void any warranty, a 3D printed white cover could be added to every Ollie with that Camera. I'm thinking the 3D printed cover could potentially look quite nice, if done well. It could also have screw holes used by the camera's provided screws.
  5. I'm looking forward to replacing the outdoor shower, but it will have to wait until I get to the rally. Part just arrived. Q: Can you make a deck chair from PEX piping, like all the things you can make with PVC? LOL. Just kidding!
  6. I considered that, but then I could hear someone, rightfully so, say it would put too much stress on those Pex pipes. If those leak, there's no stopping the leak without killing the water and pressure in the lines. If the faucet likes as it has, it only leaks when using the outside shower. Not a bad compromise. The part is actually suppose to arrive this afternoon, so I might be replacing it at the rally. Something fun to to do.
  7. After looking at my picture of the faucet, I think I'll try some support using the faucet housing itself. Something like this I suppose.
  8. I also thought something like that, however there's WAY too much to catch on in that area of a hull, unless the hose was pushed back into a "baggie" like pouch, but still, it's Chinese plastic I'm sure. It won't last long no matter what.
  9. Yeah, I don't seem to deal with those extra charges. Or maybe they're so hidden that ignorance is bliss. That's how I make it thru life.
  10. I had to look at the page source to see who makes this forum software. Hopefully they do good by Oliver. I've been... "out of touch" for a while (no comments please), and the web pages looks nearly the same as I remember. Good job in the upgrade/migration. It appears to be "seamless", unlike much of the gov't IT work I've had to support in my career, which was "seems like less". Very similar, but different. 🙂 Great job. I'd rather use these forums over using "the facebooks". Seems more personal in these forums.
  11. I Amazon'd it. Thanks! I have little faith in what I can find in my town of Augusta, GA.
  12. I was also thinking of Jerry Rigging cloth strip of something to better support that silver show hose, to take a bit of pressure of that plastic fitting. Also, I will likely add line marks or colored electrical tape (yellow, then red) as the... "do not pull any farther out" warning markers. Will work for me. I will likely add a bit more silver insulator material on the walls around that shower faucet area. Just to help a tad bit more keeping things warming in lightly cold weather. I always keep extra insulator inside the faucet box, inside the door, just to "attempt" to improve thermals. The new part is on order from the dreaded Amazon. Camping world did not have the exact part, and I wanted exact if I can get it.
  13. Well, of course I had no time to conduct a proper PMCS (Army maintenance check) on the Ollie until 6 days before departure. Retirement can't come soon enough. Now I see the outdoor shower faucet assembly is cracked inside the hull. I noticed it while bleeding air out of the lines. Water was poring out of the weep holes in the hull and water dripping over the wall into the basement compartment. Oh well, not a show shopper. Only leaks if outdoor shower is turned on, which I seldom use. Hopefully Camping World (yuck) will have the part on hand. If not, oh well. After the the rally. Maintenance, maintenance. #110 is showing her age. Maybe I will do a YouTube of it, we'll see.
  14. Using Google and the forum search, I cannot find any info about pulling out the large windows to properly reseal them. I tend to find my own maintenance posts, not helpful. LOL. I pulled off the walk-in door last year and that's been perfect ever since. Naturally the minor leak in my rear side window is getting worse, and now only a week before I leave for my trip to the Alabama rally. I'm considering pulling the window out tomorrow, but that seems risky with the rally so close. Yes, my tracks are very clean! I have a how-to video on the subject on YouTube. The black removable seals are as tight as can be to the lower vertical window frame (middle). I have rain gutter guards. I've placed plastic over the window, but NOT the exterior light above the window, and there were no leaks, so, it's the window or frame. The good news is, there's no water in the hull, only on the kitchen-side bunk, pooling. I'm a solo traveler, so I'm thinking of traveling this time without that side's mattress, just in case, but that's usually my excess storage area. At least it's on the awning side of the camper. Helpful when not driving. The leaking is in the direct CENTER of the window, under the center support frame. Useful info? My slider window does NOT remove, from what I can tell. I wanted to inspect that area, but cannot. Other's mentioned that their slider window does remove. Mine does not have enough up/down space to remove. Again, it's a 2016 demo model. I thought someone mentioned replacing or resealing windows in the past on this forum? Does anyone know where that thread is? My search results stink. Thanks much. Dry or wet, I'll see you at the rally.
  15. @Jason Foster last year was my first time going to ANY type of rally. I had a great time. I'm a solo-camper and, like you, not too found of crowds. This rally is not really a crowd, more like a sizable group of like-minded folks. LOL. I met a bunch of great new friends. I REALLY enjoyed walking the grounds early in the morning taking photos on the lake. The HUGE lake is super peaceful in both mornings and evenings and the relaxed nature of the group was inviting. I've tried to come out of my shell a bit by simply walking up to folks sitting by their campfire to say hello. Everyone is super warm and friendly. I guess if they weren't they would not show up. LOL I may end up needing to work a bit myself, but I'm an IT guy, so have internet access will travel - well, I'm trying to do that more at least. Trying to get more nerve up to do that more often as I approach retirement. I also kept busy last year helping several folks fixing small, minor issues on their rigs or show them around their new rigs - some new, some previously owned rigs. Some of the big questions I found was about hooking up the rig with the Andersen hitch system, which most folks don't spell correctly. LOL - hopefully I just did - hehe. Hope to see you there. Cheers,
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