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  1. @IL_Travelers thanks for the picture. I can see what I need to see in that picture.
  2. @IL_Travelersdo you have more pictures of your loaded and hitched truck that show how far that Rockstar full width flap is from the ground? I like that style flap because I also have a Duramax and I like the way the Rockstar handles the exhaust.
  3. @Galway GirlI thought so. We were in the same site a few weeks ago.
  4. @Galway Girl is that site number 53 at West Glacier KOA?
  5. From what I’ve read Coleman propane stoves operate off about 15 psi. The low pressure from your trailer quick connect is about 10 inches WC which is about 0.36 psi.
  6. Read this thread. My original cartridge was leaking. I replaced it and have not had any more problems.
  7. @Galway Girl How has this Optronics 7 pin plug holder worked out? I read some reviews that said it was hard to get the plug in the holder and some reviews that said that the “latch” wouldn’t hold the plug if mounted vertically.
  8. My exposed front tongue and rear bumper look like they were orbital sanded with high grit sandpaper. I can see very shallow circular patterns.
  9. Send a note to Jason Essary through the service ticket system.
  10. I read on the internet (so it has to be true😜) that the Atwood LP/CO detectors aren’t being made anymore so I asked Jason Essary what was being installed in new Olivers. He said they are using RV Safe Alarms now. https://rvsafealarm.com/
  11. @Ray and Susan HuffIf you don’t mind look at the back of the detector and see what the “born on” date is and what part number it is.
  12. @John E DaviesIs that your original detector? It’s interesting to note that you have Hull number 218 and your detector was manufactured on March 15, 2016. I have hull number 313 and my detector’s date of manufacture is January 25, 2015.
  13. 1. What LP/CO detector is Oliver putting in recent builds? 2. For those that have recently replaced the original Atwood unit with another Atwood unit, did you use the OEM unit, part number 36636, or the retail unit, part number 36681? And what was the date of manufacture on the back of the detector?
  14. One of these warehouse roll around ladders makes the inspection, rooftop maintenance and wash and wax job much less miserable. I was going to say it makes the job enjoyable but that would be a stretch.
  15. Thank you Sir for the dissertation. I appreciate this type of troubleshooting.
  16. We stopped at the National Museum of Military Vehicles. I spent several hours in there and found it very interesting. The founder Dan Starks lead a 4 hour tour but I opted to just walk and read at my own pace. The ticket is a 2 day ticket and I think they allow overnight parking in the gravel RV/trailer lot if you purchase a ticket and visit the museum.
  17. Thanks @John E Davies . We are at West Yellowstone headed to Cody. We have reservations there. The NMMV in DEWboyz was a little out of the way but it’s not often that we get to WY. I was about 2.5 hours from you a few days ago at Libby MT.
  18. https://www.nmmv.org/ Has anyone visited this museum in Dubois WY?
  19. Try turning off the battery charger in the power distribution center and see if the generator still pulls that much power. You can easily make a neutral/ground bonding plug with a plug and a short piece of wire. I’ve made two and both work fine.
  20. @csevelwe found out early on that our Elite II just worked better if it was set up fairly level side-to-side and slightly nose high. The refrigerator door tends to swing closed, tanks drain quicker, the AC condensate drains better, the fresh water pickup is in the rear of the tank, pantry door tends to stay open, window tracks drain better, and water behind the awning runs off the rear. There is an odd phenomenon that occurs where the kitchen sink will not drain. Read this thread Since I started setting up slightly nose high I’ve not had this happen again.
  21. @JRKI know I’m going to catch a lot of ribbing for showing this. My Oliver mentor @KountryKampergives me crap about it all of the time for carrying this stuff. But I went over the entire camper and took pictures of the data plates and data labels on everything showing model numbers and serial numbers. I then downloaded AND PRINTED all the manuals for the devices, pieces, parts, etc., from the companies that made them and made sure the manuals were for the serial number range of the devices that I had (especially Dometic, Truma, Atwood stuff) and put them in (2) 3-ring binders because sometimes you do not have the ability to look at the internet. I found that some of the manuals available on the Oliver site were wrong for my camper. In addition to owners manuals you can also find service manuals, parts drawings and installation manuals for a lot of the stuff on your trailer. Look for data plates and labels on devices. Some are not easy to find.
  22. @Overlandbut look here, in Houston at the Space Vehicle Mock-up Facility, a Chevrolet Silverado Duramax! Not a Ford Raptor! Getting it ready to send to Mars. 😜😜
  23. @Overland oh now I’m really jealous! It’s even got the “N, upside down V, S, upside down V” on it! I found this at the grocery store in Havre MT
  24. No there’s no latching mechanism on our Ventline. Other than the wooden dowel that we are using now. And regarding microfiber towels, I really like the turquoise colored towels from the Mart of Wal. We use them for wiping down the bath and the exterior and interior of the Oliver. They work real well with Duragloss. In fact I’m using one as a window shade now since I’ve installed the tinted clear glass in the entry door.
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