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Solar Panel Update


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We have been off the grid for well over seventy days now, boondocking in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, above 10 K elevation, so I thought I would give a update on how the solar panels are doing. Our generator is run so infrequently that it's starter battery doesn't stay up ! Now, I sure do like that trick little wireless remote start and stop feature, so I have rigged a quick disconnect jumper cable to charge the generator's battery. That way should Betty need to use the microwave for something, I won't have to go outside to pull the manual starter rope. Here is a video look at the jumper set up:


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Well golly gee-whiz, Mountainborn, way up yonder at the height yer at can't ya jest reach up an electirk cord and plug directly into that there sun? ;)


Oscar & I are looking forward to boondocking w/ you & Butcherknife to see how our single roof top mounted 100w panel will do in the rarefied mountain air. :)

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