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Thoughts on the Carefree EZ Zipblocker?


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I'm considering purchasing THIS and am curious if anyone has thoughts about this product.  Pros?  Cons?  We have a manual Carefree awning on our '17 Elite II--will the upper insert easily roll up into the awning?   Is there an alternate product I should think about to provide some shade beneath the awning?

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

Jim & Mary

Bozeman, Montana

2017 Legacy Elite II-Hull #294

2019 GMC Sierra 2500


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Jim/Mary, I don't believe that this will work on an Oliver.  To my knowledge they do not provide any awnings that roll up from the end.  They all roll up into a cassette mounted to the trailer and the head follows the awning in.  When you retract the awning the upper portion of the EZ Zip it will just hang out of the cassette, or worse it will jam it.

Sorry.  The additional shade would be nice as well as the benefit of having the awning anchored to the ground in case of a wind gust.  

Mike and Yasuko

2021 Legacy Elite Hull #820 



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