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  1. Here in Bozeman, MT, 10 inches of snow fell yesterday. And the forecasted low for tonight is MINUS SEVEN! Ouch. However, that's not the norm. And the summers are beautiful.
  2. More info about the closures and operating schedules for Xanterra in Yellowstone: https://buckrail.com/old-faithful-inn-closed-for-2020-yellowstone-park-concessions-will-be-severely-limited/
  3. Hi Everyone, Thought I'd pass along kudos for a couple of service outlets in western Arizona. We pulled our Ollie (Hull 294) out of storage last week near Lake Havasu City, AZ. I had made arrangements for SHADOW TRAILERS in the town to handle the Dexter axle recall. Both Shanna (front desk) and Jeremy (service tech) were as nice and customer service oriented as they could be. I highly recommend this place if you find yourself near Lake Havasu City and in need of service. Nikki at Dexter was also very pleasant to work with. BTW, I did do the visual check and found one missing nut. J
  4. I would echo the previous comments about western South Dakota. The Black Hills/Custer St. Park/Mt. Rushmore region is not to be missed if you haven't been there before. As for Yellowstone, try to avoid the Memorial Day weekend holiday (from Friday through Sunday). The park fills up with local and regional visitors. Memorial Day itself is not a bad day to check into Yellowstone, since most of the "locals" who occupy the park that weekend head back to their homes to go to work on Tuesday. Actually, anytime that week is not a bad time to be there with regard to crowds. However, be aware tha
  5. Thanks for all the feedback on my "Recent Topics" question. It's snowing here in southwest Montana and temps are forecasted to hit record lows tonight....so I have an excuse to hunker down and get used to the new platform.
  6. Just now have had the chance to jump onto the new Forum. Thanks to all those involved for the hard word on the improvements. I’m trying to get used to the new format....is there still a “recent topics” page? Thanks!!
  7. Thanks for answering my question!!!
  8. "I use my basket to hold two milk crates ( one 12″x 12″ and one 12″x 18″ ) for storing my 6×6 blocks, my 11″x 11″ 3/4″ plywood bases, my Anderson levelers, my wheel chocks, and my outside door mat." Hobo--sounds like a great idea to use the basket for these things. Do you cover the milk crates? And how do you secure them when traveling? Thanks!!
  9. We just recently encountered a problem with gnats. I'm not sure why, but it may have been that we haven't used it for a couple of weeks and the media dried out??? Would appreciate any thoughts about that. Also, I haven't put a screen on the vent yet, but need to. Any advice on exactly how to do that would be appreciated as well. Do you unscrew the entire vent cap from the roof, then replace and re-seal once the screen has been applied? Thanks!!!
  10. We also want to thank all the Oliver staff and other volunteers for the extraordinary efforts put forth at the Rally. We had a terrific time and learned a TON! Wishing everyone continued safe travels....we're getting closer to our home in Montana...here's a pic of a quick stop at a rest area on I-90 near Badlands National Park in South Dakota (Brrrr!! It's cold out here right now....we were getting used to the mid-80's at Lake Guntersville!!!)
  11. Well, we're now joining the chorus of all those singing the praises of the Oliver Service Department folks!! We dropped our Ollie off at the Mother Ship a few weeks ago for some minor warranty issues and a few other service items. At first, I thought we might be getting into a dogfight w/one of the component companies regarding a warranty matter. Of course, Jason stepped in and, suffice it to say, went ABOVE AND BEYOND the call of duty, and completely resolved the issue to our satisfaction. For all the Ollie owners out there, I know I'm preaching to the choir, but thought I should echo wh
  12. Bill, Thanks for the tip on requesting receipt of the monthly newsletter. Is the newsletter posted anywhere on this website as well? Thanks!!
  13. Happy Thanksgiving to all from Bozeman, Montana. Much to be thankful for!!! Jim & Mary[attachment file=Ollie at dusk.jpg]
  14. Excellent!!! Thank you. Jim & Mary
  15. Mike, thanks very much! We look forward to being a part of the "community" on this site. And I'll be sure to ask questions---right now I have many more of them than I have answers! We're happy to share thoughts about Yellowstone as necessary too! Jim
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