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  1. Bill, you raise a lot of good points. It seems, however, that most people with 3/4 ton tow vehicles have opted to remove the Andersen hitch. I wonder if there is really a "definitive" answer on the usefulness of an Andersen hitch on 3/4 ton TV's???
  2. Thanks for this good advice, John. Yep, shocks are good. And I'm glad you clarified exactly what I am supposed to leave at home! 🤣
  3. Thanks for the info!!! But I may want you to tell her................. 😏
  4. I voted as well. We tow with a 2019 GMC Sierra 2500 and we use the Andersen hitch. The only reason I do so is because using it makes my wife "feel" better. Maybe someone can chime in with some talking points that I can use to convince her we can do without it??? 😬
  5. Yellowstone's Old Faithful
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