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Beautiful Norwegan Stave Church


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Blog Updated with Photos of Replicated Ancient Norwegan Stave Church. A wedding took place while we were there ( brief Brides gown description included ) Here is a quick look:


Here is a link to the complete article:


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I think the church is a wonderful tribute to their Scandinavian heritage. It's my understanding that one man did all the carvings in the church. I, too, thought it was beautiful. The original Hopperstad church is in a village near where one of my cousins lives.


The bridal dress you described in your blog was probably a bunad, or Norwegian folk dress. Each region of Norway has adopted an "official" folk dress based on traditional designs, and you'll see it worn by everyone from Queen Sonja to a young girl at her confirmation. Not only is it an expression of regional and national pride, but it solves the problem of "what to wear" on any given occasion... being appropriate dress for festivals, weddings,17 of May and other holidays, and any special occasion. Most have fairly full skirts and laced bodices that "expand with the wearer".... Good thing, as they're handmade, often from handmade fabrics, usually extensively embroidered with beadwork on the bodices, and quite expensive. A girl's bunad is often a confirmation gift from her family. Head dress, jewelry and decorations may change according to marital status. The bride wears a special head dress, usually of precious metal, and highly decorated.


http://www.husfliden.no/hunf/productgro ... ageid=5002



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