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Tire Rotation Jacking Technique


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It's time to rotate the tires on my Elite 2.  Was wondering if anyone has successfully used the rear stabilizers for this purpose?  Oliver suggests doing that operation with jacks which, I assume would mean jacking up both axels on each side and lowering onto jack stands.  Sounds like a lot of work.  During our delivery day debrief, it was suggested not to use stabalizers to lift the trailer due to potential aluminium frame bending concerns.

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There have been a few threads on this over the years.  If you do a search on “jacking” you’ll find a number of posts.  I’ve used the back jacks several times to do tire work.  Once at Discount Tire to have new tires mounted.  Once early on when I got my TST TPMS I went to a local tire dealer to get metal stems and a balance with the sensors on.  One time at a camp site my grease cap came off and I used the rear jack on that side to raise and remove the tire.  In all cases, I had the trailer connected to the truck, I put down the front jack and used blocks under the rear jacks to limit jack travel to just an inch or some.  I also ensured the trailer was on level ground.  Oliver now recommends against it, probably because of potential liability.  Mike

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