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Metal shavings

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Wasn't sure where to place this post, but here it is. Just something for newbie (myself included) to look for.

I didn't notice these metal shavings before returning from last weeks camping trip.  Didn't see them when we took delivery in May. I imagine they made their way to the end of the channels after a few recent miles on a very bumpy road.  Yesterday I dropped the  rear compartment door to add an additional hose and I noticed metal shavings on both sides. I don't know if this is normal or an oversight in quality control, but it would of been nice if Oliver had ran a vacuum in there before delivery.




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To get all of the chips out of the frame box beam, particularly one which is open only on one end, Oliver would have to turn the finished trailer on end and shake it in order to get the machining debris to fall out.  That or try to snake a vacuum hose past all the through bolts, etc that intrude on the interior of the box beam.  This metal debris is likely largely 6061 aluminum and unlikely to cause any harm if left in place.  I would not worry about it.

As a side note I have seen this often during the fitting out of aluminum sailboat masts.  Every fastening operation will drop a bit of debris in the mast interior which is virtually impossible to remove except when the mast is hoisted vertical when being stepped in the boat.  At that point the crane operator can give a few shakes and lots of metal debris will drop out.  Upending and shaking your trailer may be less practical.

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I'm still seeing shavings after 7 years. NBD

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