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  1. Agree the Honey Wagon is good solution for most with the standard toilet. Unfortunately I do not have the room, the Elite has very little storage, so the small truck bed in my GMC Canyon fills quickly with camping supplies & those wagons are big and bulky.
  2. Had the Natures Head Composting Toilet option selected on my 2022 Elite (canceled) build, after I found & purchased a 2020 Elite #643 with the standard toilet. Have found the black tank fills first & need to break camp to dump. Researched converting the Elite to composting, but hate the thought of removing a perfectly good toilet system. The thought of cutting & drilling fiberglass, plumbing, plus adding wiring, not to mention the $1,000 + cost. My personal solution: Modify my standard toilet with a urine diverting bottle system & extend the black tank capacity. Mission accomplished @ a low cost.
  3. Just removed all metal shavings from my Elite 1 by using a small diameter 8’ flexible plastic rod with a hunk of Duct tape on the end ~ worked just fine.
  4. Did you apply the Amber / Orange transparent tape inside or outside the glass cover? Thanks, RBD 2020 Elite 1 Hull #643
  5. Carl - just measured the rear stabilization jacks on my LE 1 @ 4.5” diameter. As far as I know SnapPad does not make this size. RBD 2020 LE 1 Hull #643
  6. Reviews say the Monitor will stay connected without the Booster about 95% of the time. With radio interference it can drop out, then need to be reconnected per Tire Minder install instructions. This is a new reasonably priced model TPMS designed for short trailers. RBD Elite Hull #643
  7. Have purchased a Tire Minder TPMS system for our single axel Elite. Recommended to hard wire the System Booster at the front underside of trailer. When I look under trailer I found the Black hot wire for the jack. is it OK to splice into this wire for power ? If so, where should I attach the ground wire ? Thank you in advance, RBD Elite Hull #643
  8. Thanks for the detailed description of the squeak. Have same noise on our 2020 Elite Hull #643. Please describe if you were able to install / fit a bushing on the top bolt that connects the frame hanger & shackle. Have the zerk bolt on this upper, but no bushing.
  9. Yup, just jumped ship & sold our 2018 Escape 19’RFP. Downsized to a 2020 Oliver Elite ~ Hull #643. Just canceled my 2022 Elite build with a March 2022 delivery, when this clean 2020 resale became available.
  10. We also came from a Camp-Inn 560 Raindrop to E19’ Fiberglass trailer & now have a Oliver Elite 1 on order.
  11. KTT Density: Blended Latex 36 ILD
  12. RBD


    KTT density: Blended Latex 36 ILD
  13. Updating our Elite 1 build sheet. Searched the forum and have only found the storage basket dimensions for the LE 2. The Elite 1 is smaller and I don’t want to assume the baskets are the same size. Thanks~
  14. RBD


    Does anyone know the Density Number of the KTT mattress upgrade?
  15. That’s how it was explained by the factory.
  16. Elite 1 KTT mattress is 3 piece due to the weight.
  17. Think the Southern Mattress is regular foam with a memory foam topper. Read the KTT latex sleeps cooler which is a big plus in the Southwest. Was hoping KTT N5 latex was medium to medium-soft for shoulder & hip pressure points.
  18. Have researched the forum on all mattress options. Question: Is the KTT Mattress comfortable for side sleepers? Listed firmness is N5, but not sure it will be soft enough. With material & shipping cost increases there is very little difference in the price between Southern Mattress & KTT. Elite 1: KTT upgrade $1,200 Elite 1: Southern Mattress $950 ($800 + $150 shipping) - no longer will ship to Oliver, your home only.
  19. With your set up have you considered a AIRSAFE Air Hitch? Purchased one for a former LEII - never picked up the trailer - Air Hitch is still in the box, never used & for sale - Tucson, AZ. PM for price / details.
  20. Thank you all for the advice on my LE1 build. 2 AGM’s will be added to the build sheet. RBD Tucson, AZ
  21. Advice on the AGM option for our LE1 build? Would they handle the heat better than the lithium batteries ? Thanks, RBD Tucson, AZ
  22. Tucson, AZ - record heat wave this week. Researched storage of lithium batteries in excessive heat and you are correct, they should be stored indoors. Not an expert, but need to decide which battery option to select for our Elite 1 build, the thought of removing / storing / reinstalling for every trip is not appealing.
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